Modern web design has become a moving target. Designers and markets are always coming up with ways to create better strategies for information display and the attraction of visitors to the websites. Recently, there have been a number of elements that have positioned themselves as indispensable when modern website designs are involved. Some of these elements are explained below. Each of them plays a crucial part in improved the experience of users on websites.

Minimalistic Designs

According to recent studies, mobile users are very impatient. They expect to find what they are looking for on a website as soon as they get on the website. If they do not see what they are interested in, they will leave and find it anywhere else. Since there are multiple websites offering the same information, you can bet they will have a lot of options. The aim of WebsiteBigbang is to present to the user what they want in a given screen without the clutter that makes finding information a difficult affair.

Additionally, the ecommerce market requires the use of white space. Selective use of design features, readable typography and the addition of web graphics, animation and videos instead of the use of blocks of texts only. If you are just starting the creation of a brand from the ground up, it is important that you start with a minimalistic logo. You can have a look at modern logo designs which are simple but effective in serving their purpose. This will greatly help you in creating an uncomplicated brand that remains in the mind of your target audience.

Use Of More Open Space

This goes deeper into the need for a minimalistic design. The effective use of white or empty space is a significant element in modem designing of websites. The empty space is important because it can effectively be used in the control of information the viewer sees. This space directs attention, makes the on-page element stand out and keeps the text on the pages readable. This tells you that the website should have open spaces that are without clutter. When this is observed on pages or on navigation menus, the user will get a clean and smooth user experience.

Bigger Clearer Images

It is now more important than ever to use larger images in telling your brand’s story. More importantly, the images should be high resolution. You can place these images in the background with a little information or content overlaid on top of them. When the right clear image is used, it will lay a major role in catching the user’s attention and keeping them on the site.

The most important thing after identifying these images is to make sure they are responsive on the website. This means they should change sizes according to the user’s screen size and resolution. The changing in size without distortion makes sure that the user is getting the same experience regardless of the size of screen or resolutions they are using. With 2016 being an important year when more people are accessing the internet through mobile devices than they are using desktops, a responsive image is more of a necessity.

A Clear Call To action

All websites have a purpose. There is a reason why a business or an organization has a website. In most cases, the website is used to market a physical or an online business. To complete the marketing, the user needs to follow some kind of call to action. As you design the website, it is very important that you make sure your pages have space for a clear call to action. It needs to be strong and convincing and the strategic position really makes the difference. Here, you might want to use the other design elements such as color, contrast, and white space. These will encourage the user to follow the call to action since it will be visible and attractive to the eye.

Information al Footers

The footer is one of the best places you can provide additional useful information about your website and business without necessarily breaking the flow in a particular page. The footer can include important information such as contact information, site map, relevant links and context based details that the audience will find useful. While you provide the details, make sure everything remains simple and clear.


The world of web design is changing every day. This is courtesy of the technology being used to upgrade solutions and give users a better experience. As a website owner, you are required to stay up to date with any relevant changes that might affect your line of business positively or negatively. Always keep in mind that changes will always happen and not adapting to them will only lead to you being left behind. Users are looking for a good experience and this is exactly what your website should offer. The best way to ensure this happens is through modern web design elements such as the ones mentioned and discussed here.