You always had an idea that the Suzuki Gixxer SF is the new improved body as compared to the base model Suzuki Gixxer, but what you didn’t know was it has some great features which pushes it ahead of its competition in the same price band. It has the power, the speed and the looks one desires to expect from a macho bike. Let us take a take a look at some of the facts that makes this bike stand out.

Engine Specifications

The engine in this bike has got decent specs. As compared to the other bikes in the same price segment, the Suzuki Gixxer SF comes fully loaded with a 14.8PS 155cc single cylinder air cooled engine. Its engine revs are like music to the ears of serious bikers. It is the same when compared with the street sport model. The engine is capable of making 14.6bhp and 14NM torque. It weights around 139kg and has a 12 liter fuel tank and delivers a top speed of 127kmph.

Fabulous Looks

When you’re concerned with the engine, on the other hand, the world is concerned with the look and the feel of the motorcycle. It has similar headlamps when compared with its naked twin. When we go back a bit near the fuel tank that is where we see the real difference. It has a sporty and racing bike look. The full fairing present in the bike gives it a better profile rank and its presence on the road cannot be denied. Multiple looks and stares are guaranteed with the Suzuki Gixxer SF.

Ride and Handling

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is an upgrade of the regular Gixxer.  Apart from the new body and the engine specs, the SF has the same foundation parts as well, like the chassis, suspension and wheels. It handles equally well as its other naked twin without feeling the extra weight of the fairing. On a test ride, the bike was taken through a wet, cold and windy condition and the agility and handling displayed by the bike is fabulous.

Pricing Aspect

As we can expect the bikes in the same segment as Suzuki Gixxer SF to be prices below 90,000, this bike does not disappoint. With this beautiful design and sturdy handling, the price is a not a matter of concern. With multiple options of finance and exchange available at multiple dealers across the country, this bike is completely affordable and a must buy for the youth who are looking forward to a great ride. Just one rev to the bike and you’ll be writing checks relentlessly.

Full Fairing

It is an established fact that we all love full fairing bikes in India. With an affordable bike like this, it has become all the more possible to own a fully faired motorbike and flaunt it to the neighbors. Full fairing is a nice niche segment to be in as it assures buyers satisfaction. The fairing helps to channelize air to the engine and keep it cool during longer rides.

The Last Words

The final call of buying a motorcycle rests in the minds of the customers but we can help them understand the importance of buying bikes that stand out both in design as well as specifications. The Suzuki Gixxer SF proves to be a definite buy looking at the features and price it has to offer. One must consider buying this bike if he/she wishes to gather memories of bike rides which became milestones of happiness.

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