Malfunctioning appliances can be such a headache, especially if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to miss washing those business clothes or don’t have enough time and energy to clean the spoiled food out of the busted fridge. Fortunately, most appliance problems start out small and with proper vigilance and immediate action, you can prevent major troubles. To further help you out, here are some common refrigerator and washing machine issues and what you can do to solve them:


One of the machines that many people now cannot live without is the fridge. It comes as no surprise then that many homeowners strongly wish to extend the lifespan of their refrigerators. Among the most common problems involving the fridge is noise, which fortunately is not that hard to sort out. To troubleshoot a noisy fridge, find out first where the sound is coming from. Most likely, the condenser fan motor (usually located near the compressor, which is often at the bottom rear) or the evaporator fan motor (can be found in the freezer compartment) are acting up.

If it’s the condenser fan, turn off the refrigerator and unplug it. Then open the rear access panel to check the fan for any obstructing debris. Vacuum clean the area so that the fan can move freely and won’t cause any noise. If however there are no obstructions, look closer. It might be that the fan blades are broken, the motor is worn out or the rubber mounting grommets are damaged. In this case, replacement is required.

If the problem is the evaporator fan motor, once again turn off and unplug the refrigerator. Check if frost or ice is limiting the fan from turning properly, and if that is the issue then the solution is just a matter of defrosting the fridge. If the fan itself is damaged, then once again replacement is required.

Fridge and Washer Problems? Here’s How To Solve Them

Washing Machine

A look back to this report published on the Huffington Post tells us just how common it is for home appliances to need repairs. The article further notes that 25% of front-loading washing machines break down within three to four years of use. Seeing as the washer is also one of the most important machines in the household, it is best to be aware of potential issues in order to execute proper preventative measures or immediate resolutions.

One of the most common washing machine troubles is leaking. First, check the condition of the hoses. See if they are fitted tightly to the rest of the machine. Examine them for abrasions, cracks and punctures too. If perforations are found, it is time to have the hoses replaced.

The water or drain pump might also be the reason why your washing machine is leaking during the wash or drain cycle. Check if any parts in these areas are loosened and adjust the fit accordingly. If any of these pumps are damaged, then replace them. By the way, don’t forget to unplug the machine before accessing and checking the pumps.

Get the Help of Experts

Now if you are not confident about your ability to diagnose the problems with your refrigerator or washing machine, or if you are too busy and cannot be bothered to take a look – there is an even simpler solution. Simply call in expert repairmen for help.

There are now many service providers out there that can provide assistance. You can contact GSO Electrical Services, for example. They provide high quality appliance repairs in Staffordshire and great customer service. They will be more than happy to relieve you of the stress caused by any malfunctioning home appliance.

By calling a team of dedicated and skilled tradespeople, faulty refrigerators and washing machines need not be much of a headache anymore.

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