Blood pressure is truly a menace. It takes a toll on overall health. Not to forget the anxiety, the shaky hands, and the shortness of breath. Like any other chronic ailment, blood pressure plays the role of unwanted thorns on the pathway of our lives. There are many medications to this disease. You may also see people popping in pills after their breakfast. But why go that way when you can use naturally occurring things to fight this disease? Here is a list of the best natural remedies for blood pressure. Have a look!

The Best Natural Remedies For Blood Pressure That You Can Find

Ginger Cardamom Tea

A popular study conducted by the FDA shows that when ginger and cardamom are used together in a tea, they form a very good combination that can effectively be used against high blood pressure. They act as one of the most effective natural remedies for blood pressure known to man. Simply add ginger and cardamom to your everyday tea and see the difference yourself. The results are phenomenal and drastic. Blood pressure has been seen to come back to normal in many cases. However, in most cases, it took a considerable amount of time.

Get Some Melons

Melons are way more beneficial than you may think. They are often seen as summer delicacies and a good source of refreshments but they are in reality much more than that. Melons, especially watermelons have a high amount of the amino acid, ‘L arginine’. L arginine or arginine is an amino acid that promotes vasodilation. Vasodilation is the process in which the blood vessels broaden up and allow more blood flow. Arginine can also be consumed in its natural form and can be bought from medical stores or health supplement stores. It is truly one of the best natural remedies for blood pressure. Melons have a huge quantity of naturally occurring L arginine and thus consumption melons every day can help reduce high blood pressure.

Vitamin D

When it comes to the natural remedies for blood pressure, vitamin D is usually at the end of the list. It is because no one really considers vitamin D to be a potent cure for blood pressure. But the thing is that vitamin D is a not really a cure for blood pressure. It is actually much more than that. There have been many studies that have been conducted on the effects of vitamin D on blood pressure and results might surprise you. Vitamin D reduces blood pressure and also makes sure that blood pressure does not ride in the future to a certain extent. This does not make it a perfect cure for high blood pressure but makes it a very vital vitamin in the fight against blood pressure.

Herbal Tea

Who would have thought of this? Like really, does herbal tea have that much of a strong effect on high blood pressure? Surprisingly, it does. Studies have been conducted on the same subject matter. The studies focus on the effects of herbal tea on the blood pressure levels of people. Quite surprisingly, the people in the study who had sipped about three cups of herbal hibiscus tea experienced a 6 point drop in their systolic blood pressure. Herbal tea indeed has a dramatic effect on high blood pressure and is definitely one of the best natural remedies for blood pressure.

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