What’s life after rhinoplasty like? For those wondering what rhinoplasty is, you probably know it better as a Nose Job. This is the plastic surgery procedure that is involved in correcting or reconstructing somebody’s nose. It touches on everything about the nose and will involve any action by a qualified surgeon to alter the shape or form of the nose, restore functions of the nose impaired by disease, trauma or congenital disorders and, as in most cases, aesthetically enhance features of the nose.

Many people who desire or are advised to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure often have many questions regarding the whole process. It is quite normal for anyone to worry about any medical procedure, and more so for one that will have you put under. However, few don’t give much thought about how life is going to be like after the procedure is done and they are healed.

How To Get Ready For Life After Rhinoplasty

The New and Obvious Changes

Your nose is right in the center of your face, and for the people who know you; a facial change will be quite obvious, no matter how minor it is. They might not immediately know exactly which part of your face is different, especially after a really well done rhinoplasty, but they will notice a change and might just stare a bit longer than comfortable trying to figure out what your new good look is all about.

Regardless of the reasons for rhinoplasty, most patients feel more self-confident after the procedure. The procedure itself is normally designed to deal with some kind of insecurities concerning the way a person’s nose appears on their face. If you get it done right, then the stares will just be pleasantly uncomfortable, and only for a while.

Fielding the “Did you get a Nose Job” Question

First off, a good rhinoplasty results in subtle changes. Unless it’s your mother or someone who knows you really well, the rest will hardly tell that you had the procedure even though they will admit that you look different. In most cases, they will be more focused on how good your new overall look is rather than trying to pinpoint the exact change.

However, if the problem with your nose before the procedure was noticeably evident; like say a really large hump, a crooked nose or audibly evident breathing problems, then someone may just throw the question at you. Now depending on who, where or how the question is asked, you might be caught off guard and lack the courage to answer either way.

Doctors will always advise that when you decide to go for rhinoplasty, be certain that you are doing it for yourself. If you feel good and excited about your nose job, then it will be very easy to handle queries about it. There are many ways of dealing with that question, and you may have to decide how you are going to respond in advance.

For the more confident person who knows that he/she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation about choices to do with his or her self; the simplest answer is usually a plain ‘yes’. The only follow up to that will be nothing but compliments about how good it turned out and so on. You see, you might be afraid of looking vain after a nose job, but the fact of the matter is, all of us are always trying to improve ourselves in one way or another. So, don’t be surprised when someone who asked you this question goes for one too.

Now for the person who isn’t more comfortable with such a straight forward answer, you can choose not to respond to the question and leave it to their imagination. You can also answer with the question, “what do you think”, which will basically make the people asking, field the question themselves. As for those people asking who simply can’t keep their noses out of other people’s affairs, answer them that you had an accident, broke your nose and had it fixed.

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