Along with the physical exertion, the body requires optimized nutrition that is designed keeping in mind the precise needs of the body. If you are on a regular diet and depend on the physical exercises to pay off, you may have to be sad for the lack of expected results. Physical exercises should be complemented with standard nutrition that takes care and strengthens the body. Only then you will see the physique you intended to achieve. Body building involves 2 steps. Step one is to remove the excess fat. Without removing the fat, you cannot act on the muscles. You have to burn the fat that actually camouflages the muscles beneath. Step two is grueling exercises that aim at shaping the muscles for what you call rock hard physique. So, whatever you do, depend on smart work as well has hard work.

Precision Nutrition For Effective Body Building


Daily water intake should not be lower than 5-6 liters. Without water, you may have to suffer from dehydration and severe fluid loss. Excessive physical exertion causes profuse sweating therefore, body builders are advised to drink ample water to keep the water balance intact.

Wake Up Meal

Daily wake up meal should be a warm up session that ensures your digestive system is rightly served before it has to act whole day. An early morning is the right time to feed essential nutrients such as glutamine. Taking protein mix nutrition amino acid mix and branched chain amino acid mix, L-glutamine and digestive enzymes in empty stomach helps complete bioavailability to be achieved. In other words, these supplements are rapidly and completely absorbed by the stomach.

Meal 1

This meal is the starter that may contain oats, 2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites. Meal 1 should be taken 10 to 15 minutes after the wake up meal. Supplement after meal 1: 1 gram vitamin B complex and multi blend EFA can be taken as a supplement in the morning. This completes the breakfast regimen.

Meal 2

Just 10 minutes before meal 2 it is important to take a serving of digestive enzymes. Then you may start with meal 2 that contains 150 grams of cooked chicken, 50 grams rice, 100 grams broccoli, and a scoop of mass gainer. Intermittently you may have half liters of water.

Meal 3

This meal will contain salmon 200 grams, 50 grams rice, and 2 whole eggs and 100 grams green beans.

Meal 4

This will comprise 75 grams oats, 1 tablespoons peanut butter and a scoop of mass gainer. It is important to note that this meal should be taken at least 80 minutes before training. Training meal: You may have glutamine and branched chain amino acid mix as recommended by your trainer 10 minutes before exercise. You may drink water 45 minutes before you start the training session. During and after a workout you may have half scoops each of performance enhancing powder.

Meal 5

A small snack of gram steak, baked potato, mixed salad is appropriate in the evening. Meal 6: 2 slices of bread, 1 tablespoon peanut butter and low fat cottage cheese 100 grams completes the meals for the day.

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