A huge problem with hangovers is that they come without any sign that they will happen. It is very important that you know how to prevent hangovers as opposed to how to deal with them when they appear. There are many things you can do, like visiting Key West Hangover Hospital or sleeping it off, following the appearance of the hangover. However, what you do while you drink is going to impact what happens so this is what you should initially be interested in.

So many tips can be offered if you are interested in preventing the hangover from appearing in the first place. Always consider the following:

  • Mix Alcohol Properly – You want to use juice, preferably natural juice instead of soda drinks or fizzy drinks. The body will use the extra vitamins to remain strong. In the even that you drink wine and it does not bother you, consider adding soda to the wine glass.
  • Buy Better Alcohol – In an attempt to drink more we often see people choosing the cheap alcohol. This is a really bad idea. The expensive spirits are a lot better. They were filtered better and include less toxins and impurities. Because of the quality of the alcohol you can make the hangover much less severe.
  • Clear Spirits – When you drink clear spirits like gin and vodka you will consume fewer toxins. Darker spirits are known to include more toxins that make hangovers worse.
  • Avoid Champagne – You should only drink champagne in moderation. This is because it will accelerate alcohol absorption. You get drunk faster if you add champagne to the list of drinks you consume when you are out with your friends.
  • Mix In Some Water – Between your alcoholic drinks, just drink a glass of water. This is highly beneficial since you keep your body hydrated. Dehydration normally appears as you consume mostly alcohol and will make the hangover worse.

Right After You Drink

A common mistake is to drink too much water. There is this belief that it will help as you are dehydrated but the truth is this will create bladder strain that is not necessary. Just drink a couple of glasses of water around half an hour before you go to sleep. Put a water glass close to the bed so you can dry your mouth when you wake up.

If you are not too drunk, take vitamin C and a multi vitamin pill before sleeping. Do not take a painkiller if you have a headache unless you really have to. Painkillers can become addictive in time so they should only be used when absolutely necessary. Make sure you avoid the drugs that include acetaminophen. They are dangerous for kidneys and livers.


As you can see, there are many different things you can do while and after you drink in order to reduce the possibility of ending up with a hangover. If you do have a hangover, be sure that you do what is needed to recover while not overdoing it with any cure you find online.

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