Choosing the perfect major in college can be a difficult task. There’s a mix of peer pressure, parental advice and what the papers say about the best academic future. With so much information at hand, it’s difficult for young adults to make the right decision. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the best major in college.


How important is your major?

Ask yourself how important is your major to you? Do you have a natural ability or gift towards it? Or do you focus more on the future success of the field you’re interested in? None of these questions are wrong to ask. In fact, they’re all the right steps towards figuring out what you want to be in life. Once you narrow down on a few fields you’re interested in, you can go on to the next step. It doesn’t matter if the interest areas are varied and aren’t interconnected – that’s part of the journey.

Talk to others in your field of interest:

Visit college campuses, talk to students and friends, and contribute in discussions on various online social media groups. You should take in an essence of how the field is doing right now and what opportunities lie ahead of you. At universities such as IILM, you can interact with students, counsellors and admission associates to gain more insight into what field you’d like to opt for.


You should not only find the most amount of research on your area of interest – whether its engineering, art or management, but you should also research on how the research was done. E.g.: If you find that two reputed news journals post conflicting reports on top 5 BBA colleges in India (assuming that BBA is your field of interest and you want to start your own business), then you should research about how they reached that conclusion. This is called meta-researching and is very important to becoming fully satisfied with your field.

Set goals:

If you want to achieve a certain goal in life, then all of life’s choices come down to achieving them. E.g.: If you want to be the leader in family business program or own a science laboratory one day, then everything in your path becomes that much simpler. You can take courses in finance, microbiology and robotics to ensure that you’re future ready and have a smart goal in mind.

Be multi-disciplinary:

Don’t hyper-focus your time on one field from the beginning. If you aren’t sure about what college major makes sense for you, then test out your favourites and see if you can do something innovative by combining them all. E.g. if you love biology and business, then you can start a company that focuses on eco-friendly energy.

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