The two electronic giants, the South Korean Samsung and American Apple engaged in a legal combat. The conflict was based on patent rights, where Samsung was accused of violating the said rights of Apple. The former illegally copied some of the features of the smartphones.
SKOREA-US-SAMSUNG-APPLE-IT-INTERNET-PATENT-STOCKSThe administrative agency in trade and commerce of United States of America, US International Trade Commission lifted at least four charges freeing Samsung from the accusations. Apple had a fractional victory over Samsung. Previously Samsung was forbidden by the judicial system of the country to import customized handsets and specified phone model. The charge that was levied by the major rival is that the characteristics of certain branded models have been unlawfully imitated.
The federal government has two months to veto and nullify the judgment passed by the organizational body. Apple filed a case against its major rival Samsung accusing it of copying certain features of its latest smart phones like iPhones. The week before the Administration prevented the imports of iPhone 4 and versions of its iPad 2. The 2010 models involved in the strife are the Continuum and the Transform, which, are now not sold in the market. They are almost obsolete models. However, the legal strife between the companies can act as a key factor in increasing their market value. Samsung is giving a tough competition to Apple resulting in loss of a share of market by the later. The victory would therefore act as a two-way profit for the company. First, it would reduce the pace of growth of the rival and secondly, it could affect the chief characteristics that are to be included in the upcoming models.
Apple spokesperson said that the International Trade Commission has been working to protect the skill of real innovation and the patent system. Hence, it is jointly working with judiciary of other countries of the world like, Japan, Korea, Germany, California and Netherlands to uphold innovative work and standing against any kind of imitation and breech of patent. Year before Samsung was liable to give Apple a sum of $1 billion for breaking into patent rights. Later the amount was reduced to $450 million, as the judges were accused of miscalculating it. The import of Samsung phones and devices were not restricted though.
In a recent report published, Adam Yates, Samsung spokesperson said that the ban was a disappointing for them but it rightly put a check on Apple’s monopoly over design patterns like the rounded corners and the rectangles. International Trade Commission in the month of June accused Apple of breaking one of the patent rights of its major rival. The ‘standards-essential patent’ states that the holders must get a license on reasonable and impartial terms. Judicial system of United States ruled out such bans, putting in that such copyright could not be the reason of bans. Its orders can also be questioned, as it is an administrative body and not the court of law. The values are different, so the federal administration wants ITC to follow the same rules and principals.

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