One thing to keep in mind is that the ability to ‘handle’ the human being can be really big. We can cope with a stressful situation over several months without doing anything to manage that state. We tell ourselves that pressure is normal, that we must endure, that it is better not to change things.

In the end, something bad can happen – fainting or, worse, a heart attack. That is why we must be alert to a number of very clear signs that tell us that something is going on. That something is wrong. And that a change in lifestyle is necessary.

A Good Start in the Morning

You need to seize the day, so it would be highly recommended to put your alarm clock at an appropriate time. Start the day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and then take a warm shower. It is important to start with a good detoxifying breakfast. To do this, you can prepare a cup of green tea, which is the most powerful antioxidant, a bowl with sliced pineapple, strawberries and kiwi and a toast of rye bread smeared with olive oil.
Ultimate Guide To Simple Body and Mind Detox

Experience the Nature

The next step in detoxifying mind and body is to form a habit of going out for a walk, possibly in a green setting – a park, mountain, or anywhere you can enjoy nature. Walking briskly will help free your mind and your heart from toxins, and improve your overall health. Remember to take a bottle of water and 5 raw almonds – they are ideal to give you strength and to ease anxiety.

Ultimate Guide To Simple Body and Mind Detox

Eat Healthily

When it is lunchtime, you need to continue with detoxifying and purifying diet. A spinach, lettuce, arugula with diced pineapple and beans salad, or an artichoke with a little olive oil and white vinegar are good choices. As Miranda Kerr herself says, it is very beneficial for both body and mind to eat a lot of greens. Remember to drink a glass (200 ml) of coconut water 20 minutes after the meal. It is an excellent tonic.
Ultimate Guide To Simple Body and Mind Detox

Be Your Own Concern

After lunch, find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed by noise, sit down, breathe deeply and try to feel comfortable. It is time to think about yourself – What prevents you from being happy?  What should you do to feel better? What can you do tomorrow to be a little happier? If necessary, turn to professionals at Living Valley Springs Retreat for the problems that you are facing. Do not be ashamed to ask for help.

A Perfect End of the Day

Make some relaxation exercises while listening to music and limit yourself to enjoying the here and now, thinking that you are okay, that you feel good. For dinner, you can eat baked salmon with lemon juice or steamed brussel sprouts, since they are excellent for detoxifying the liver. Again, drink a glass of coconut water 20 minutes after supper.

Ultimate Guide To Simple Body and Mind Detox

Take a relaxing bath afterwards and prepare an infusion of lavender, lemon balm and honey before going to sleep. Bring a good book to bed and head away from all the worries. Realize that, from now on, you will worry more about you and simplify your life to be happier.

Detoxifying mind and body will make you feel much better, so do not treat it as an occasional thing – build your whole life around this practice and become the person you want to be.

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