Competition in the business world is at an all time high, and businesses all over the world are trying to outdo each other in gaining the most customers so that they can boost their sales, and thus the revenues. As a result, brands, both big and small, are dedicating huge budgets on marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. However, for the marketing campaigns to work, a business must make the right decision regarding their advertising strategy so that it can be effective and provide the most return on investment. So, how can a business achieve this? The best trick for optimizing your advertising campaign is to make use of the top trends in the industry that have been tried and proven effective. Currently, one of the top marketing trends that are being used by brands all over the world is data-driven digital marketing.

Understanding Data-driven Digital Advertising

What is data-driven digital marketing?

To understand data-driven digital marketing, let us first look at what data-driven marketing is. In simple terms, data-driven marketing is any marketing decision or action taken after consulting data that has been collected from the consumers you are targeting. While the term may sound like a new trend, it has in fact been around for several years, as many traditional methods of advertising (such as direct mail, newspaper ads, telemarketing, etc.) were based on available consumer data. Read more at

Data-driven marketing has become more popular with the rise of digital marketing, as it has enabled businesses to collect consumer data. The consumer data is collected from various sources such as sales transaction, customer interactions with marketing campaigns, customer service, online customer surveys, social media, customer feedback, subscriptions, and various internet sources such as Google analytics. All these sources provide a huge amount of consumer data that businesses can use to:

1. Redesign their websites layout and functionalities to increase user experience and make them more personal to the consumers

2. To personalize emails sent to the consumers, thus making it easy for the consumers to identify with them and respond

3. To create personal and more effective online advertising campaigns that will bring more returns on investment (hence the term data-driven digital advertising)

4. To re-target the customer base using updated consumer data, thus increasing the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns

The need for digital marketing specialists in data-driven advertising

As already stated, businesses can have now be able to access large amounts of consumer data, thanks to the internet. However, this data can only be effective if the businesses can be able to use it effectively when integrating it with their marketing campaigns. This brings about the need for brilliant, innovative, and creative personnel that can be able to use the collected consumer data to create amazing advertising campaigns that will target the right audience in the market, and engage the consumers into taking the intended action. Such brilliant and creative talent can be acquired by hiring digital market specialists. See and example of the jobs on offer here:

What are the benefits of hiring digital advertising specialists?

With digital marketing rising to become one of the most effective method of marketing, hiring employees who are skilled at digital marketing can bring a lot of benefits to a business. These include:

1. They help to increase ROI of marketing campaigns: One of the benefits of hiring digital advertising specialists is that they are able use the collected consumer data to create predictive data about consumer trends, which helps to increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns. In addition, their marketing skills give them the ability to identify prospective customers in the market, thus ensuring that your business only targets the right audience who can respond to the adverts and take the intended action. This helps to increase the amount of leads generated from your marketing campaign, which leads to more conversions and more sales.

2. They are well versed with the latest trends in digital marketing : Digital marketing specialists are tech-savvy people who know their way around the digital world. They are also well versed with the latest trends in the digital marketing world, from SEO to content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, and several others. Therefore, when you bring such talent to your business, they can be able to combine their knowledge of the internet with their digital marketing skills to create more effective advertising campaigns.

3. They help to develop creative and personalized ads: One of the main problems that businesses are facing when it comes to digital marketing is the lack of creativity, which leads to the implementation of marketing campaigns that are not effective. Hiring skilled digital marketing specialists helps to solve this problem, as they can be able to use the collected consumer data to come up with creative and personalized adverts for your business. This makes the adverts more engaging and user-oriented, and thus they are able to attract the attention of the users and persuade them to take the intended action.

4. They are able to understand and manipulate collected consumer data: The key to success when it comes to data-driven digital marketing is not collection of large amounts of consumer data, but making the best use of the available data, which is where digital advertising employees come in. The employees are able to understand the collected consumer data and determine the best way of using it, thus providing your business with a crucial strategic insight that gives you the ability to implement highly effective marketing campaigns that can bring more results, as reported here:

How to land the best digital advertising employees

For your business to be successful in this age of digital marketing, not only do you need to recruit digital marketing specialists, but you also need to ensure that they are the best talent on the market. There are several methods you can use to hire talented digital marketers, but the most common are:

1. Using social media: Social recruiting is one of the top ways of hiring top talent in the digital marketing industry. By using various social media forums such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others, you can be able to find digital marketers who are skilled in marketing and very tech savvy.

2. Using recruitment companies: Recruitment companies and agencies, such as Sphere Digital in London, are another method you can use to ensure that you hire the best digital marketing talent. These companies are able to advertise your position to lots of people who have the necessary skills and shortlist the best candidates for you to interview. They can also recruit employees on your behalf, saving you the hassles of hiring.

Summary : Data-driven digital advertising is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses all over the world are investing huge sums of money in the hope of using it to increase their revenues. However, only the companies that are able to leverage the collected consumer data can become successful in data-driven digital advertising. Therefore, businesses that wish to use this marketing trend should recruit talented digital marketing specialists, who can understand the collected consumer data, and use to optimize marketing campaigns.

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