When preparing for your wedding, finding the right shoes is not going to be at the top of your to-do list. However, they are still a vital part of the process and finding the perfect pair is imperative. There are so many different styles around these days and so many different questions to ask yourself before even beginning to look. Do they have to be white? How high is too high? How low is too low? Should I wear my shoes in before the big day? Here I will try to answer these questions; giving you a little bit of advice on how to choose your perfect shoes for your perfect day.

How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes

Do they have to be white?

Most people automatically assume the answer to this is yes… they are wrong! Everyone is different and with today’s diverse fashion trends you can have whatever colour shoe you want – after all, it’s your big day no one else’s. Obviously, white is the classic traditional colour to go for and in most cases, you can’t go wrong when choosing white. However, for those who are a bit more adventurous and want to make a statement on their feet, red and blue are the colours to go for. Fashion experts suggest that brides go for coloured shoes if they want to make their budgets stretch that little bit further as they are much more likely to wear a coloured pair again as opposed to a white or ivory pair.

What heel height should I go for?

As everyone is different and used to different styles and heights of shoes it is definitely a matter of preference when it comes to the heel height you want to go for. It is suggested by many experts that you simply go for a heel height that you are used to and comfortable wearing. After all, you are going to be on your feet for 12+ hours and having shoes that are uncomfortable can really ruin your day. It is also important to consider the length of your dress as you don’t want to risk tripping over a long train nor do you want to have a pair that doesn’t make a statement if your dress is short.

Should I buy my shoes first or my dress?

I think it is very hard to choose shoes before a dress because a woman’s wedding dress is always the most important aspect of the day. This being said, people may wish to do so if they are all about comfort and know exactly the kind of shoes they can and cannot wear. However, I still believe it is most important to choose your dress first as there is a number of things that can change depending on the style and length etc of your dress. Such as the colour, the style and the height of the shoe.

Which shoes would go with a statement dress? 

When you have a beautiful statement wedding dress I believe that you can choose to go either end of the scale with your shoes. Either very minimalistic or just as a statement as the dress. A statement dress made with lots of detail could be paired beautifully with an elegant pair of barely there heels to create a chic statement and allow all attention to fall on the dress. On the other hand, you could just go for it and get a pair that makes just as much of a statement as the dress! After all, you only do it once.

Should I wear my shoes in?

Wearing your shoes in will definitely help you decide if you have made the right decision – comfort wise. This way you will know if you need to make any adjustments to size or if you need to add any shoe inserts to make them more comfortable. I would advise adding a protective plastic film to the sole of the shoe that can be removed on your special day to ensure that they do not get marked.

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