Completely two different aspects of life, both important, both demanding in their ways. It would be very unusual for someone having to say that the person is a poet as well as an accountant. Poetry is an art. Art is everything we can possibly think of. Dancing, acting, writing, singing, drawing, painting, sketching and even breathing is some art in its own way.

Having experience in I.T as a software engineer with 20 years of experience, MA in Economics, MBA and MS in Information Systems, we have Durga Madiraju. Writing classical poetry and classical music since 2014 and also planning on releasing some of her classical music this year, Durga has some keen interest in poetry as can be judged through the statements. The famous poetry book of Durga would be “Summer Woods” in which through her poetry, Durga explains and takes one’s minds towards the summertime of the year leaving the readers mesmerized and lost in thoughts. Along with this book, she has earned respect through her other books like “Scrum Art Handbook” and “An Artsy Life: Collection of Short Stories”. In case if you are unable to find any of her writings, try finding it by Jane Summers as this is her pseudonym name.

Like other poets who usually make a person as the topic of their poetry, Durga played with the summertime and primarily made her the topic of the poetry. Explained in this book of hers is the feeling, time and emotions a person faces usually during the summer days. Playing with words, nature and summer emotions are explained and have been written in a manner which would swing your way to the breezy cold nights and dawns.

“A lake in all seasons different in all colors, different warmth. So are the promises of different seasons.” One line is enough to blow your minds and take your hearts away.

As an Indian born poet, it is expected to be full of emotions and words. Durga is a clear example we keep forth. Different people develop different fondness in a different way each time. Poetry allows a person to feel and relate to some emotions, events and expressions and for a fact, it somehow also helps as a clinical measure for the patients with mental illness. Many people around us find poetry as a medium of getting lost into thoughts and imaginations.

Poetry is also a good way to express and talk your heart out. People in arts councils and playhouses especially participate in events in which poetry is the main focus.

Durga through her work has earned a remarkable name not only in regards to poetry but as an IT engineer as well.

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