When we talk about bikes we are always reminded of our childhood days where we used to wander in the woods with a carefree mind exploring the nature. Apart from this we also remember how we learnt to ride a bike with someone constantly holding it until we learnt the art of balancing and riding the bike smoothly.

Some interesting facts about bikes:

Bikes have been in the world since the 20th century and this has given rise to a lot of facts and figures that revolve around the bike era. Before we find out the perfect place to store a bike let us know something more about them.

Have a look at a few interesting facts about bike.

1.The idea of creating a bike was initiated by Karl von Drais’ two-wheeled, pedal-less device that would be set in motion by pushing your feet against the ground. The machine was named as draisine and it was this machine that gave inspiration for creating bikes.

2. Did you know that approximately 100 million bikes are being manufactured worldwide?

3. The Tour de France is a well-renowned bike race held in France. This race takes place every year. It all began in the year 1903 and gradually gained popularity with every passing of the year.

4. This first bike was invented in Scotland. Did you know that the first bikes were made out of wood and it sold like hot cakes, back in the history where means of transportation was limited?

5. There are approximately 1 billion bikes that are being produced in the world and from them, 400 million bicycles are in China. The annual production of bikes worldwide is approximately 50 million.

Keeping the glory of the bikes intact:

Bikes have been around for years and this has greatly influenced the health as well as the environment as a whole. Nowadays people are getting into the mode of saving the environment and the best step among them is by cutting down on fuel and diesel emitting vehicles. So now when we have started using this vehicle it becomes necessary to look after its safety.

Have you heard about a bike locker? Let me explain to you that bike lockers are similar to storage lockers where you get to store your bikes in a compartment that can be locked. It comes in various shapes, size and color. All you need to do is to lock your bike in this compartment and leave the security part to the storage lockers.

Advantages of bike storage locker:

We all have seen some interesting facts about bikes. Now, let us see the benefits of locking away bikes in the storage lockers.

1. When keeping the glory of the bikes in place what you need to do is to give a proper protection whenever the need arises and all these together help in maintaining the lifespan of the newly purchased bikes.

2. Whether it is pouring cats and dogs or freezing cold, a bike locker is sure to give you the necessary protection. You can save your bikes from getting corroded or rusted.

3. Moreover, you will not find any dust particles on the bikes as they are kept in the storage locker when not in use and hence you save up time from cleaning the bikes that would once be covered with mud.

4. Next best thing is that you do not have the fear of getting it stolen and you could have peaceful night’s sleep. Then we could always be sure of how things are going about with each passing of days.


‘Save the Earth’ motto has encouraged lots of people opting for bikes to commute from one place to another. Adhering to this motto we all are slowly incorporating the idea of cycling to work or whenever the need arises. We have the nature taking care of us and the storage lockers taking care of the bikes. Let us make the world a much better place to live by slowly replacing our diesel vehicles with bikes. 

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