Thermodynamic PanelsThermodynamic Panels are fast becoming one of the more popular additions for green home heating in the UK. We recently visited Magic Box International to find out how these thermodynamic systems work and the benefits they can bring to your home over other types of energy.

Thermodynamic Panels work like your fridge would, but in reverse. Sounds confusing, but once the process is broken down, it is actually an amazing, intuitive way of heating the water for your home and could make significant savings over your usual energy providers.

By themselves thermodynamic panels do not offer much value for your home. As part of a central heating system, they are amazing.  The different parts of the heating process are the thermodynamic panels, solar assisted heat pump and your water cylinder.  But how do these come together to heat your water, using energy from the sun? Read on to find out…

How do Thermodynamic Panels Work?

The process starts with the thermodynamic panel attached to your home.  The panel circulates a refrigerant liquid with a starting temperature of -22 degrees. As the liquid passes around the panel, the higher temperature outside of the panel works to raise the temperature of the liquid.

The liquid needs a temperate raise of just 7 degrees, at which point it reaches its boiling point of 15 degrees.  At this point, the liquid turns into a gas and is passed through to the solar assisted heat pump. The SAHP compresses the gas, creating the energy that is then sent to your cylinder to heat your hot water.

Once this is done, the gas is cooled, reverting it back to a liquid and the entire process starts again.

Why Thermodynamic Panels

Previously, solar panels where the only real option that homeowners could use to create green energy for their homes. Solar panels became a very popular choice for UK home owners, with the government backing different campaigns to make it very affordable (and in some cases even profitable) to add solar panels to your home.  With the government backed schemes now passed and the cost of installing solar panels still relatively expensive, it makes it hard to create enough energy to pay for the installation costs.

Thermodynamic panels are becoming more popular because they do not need to rely on bright, sunny days in order to create energy. With the starting temperature of the thermodynamic panes refrigerant liquid so low, the panels work 24 hours a day, all year round. This makes them a much better investment with the view to saving as much as possible on your water heating bills.

The thermodynamic panels do not have glass reflectors either, so the upkeep and maintenance of the panels themselves is much lower. This makes them a great long term investment, helping to create green energy for years to come.

Installing Thermodynamic Panels

There are many companies offering different thermodynamic systems these days. You can buy an all in one system, like the “Big Magic Thermodynamic Box” system offered by Magic Box International. This gives you everything you need to heat your hot water using the thermodynamic energy, from the panels through to the A rated water cylinder. This system is growing in popularity fast and the company are now expanding to countries all over the world, from their successful base in the UK.

You do not have to buy a full system to use Thermodynamic Panels. Many of the available thermodynamic systems available can be installed and fitted to your existing water cylinder. This makes installation even more affordable and makes installation a synch.