When it comes to academic writing, the word “I” can be sometimes very malignant. While your teachers and professors have told you not to use first person, as a curious mind you may want to know the instances too when it can be okay to use it. The following article will help you know it.

What is First Person writing and when is it unwarranted or ineffective?

It actually involves the use of singular first-person pronouns including me, I, mine, my, etc. However, one can even use our, we, ours, us, etc. While it is true that everyone loves to write about themselves, but it should not be the case when it comes to essay or any other academic writing. The issue with the first-person perspective is that it may sound one -sided, self centered, boring, and inaccurate.

For instance, if your instructor wants a 20-page research paper about issues in the Middle-East, talking exclusively about your opinions on that matter is definitely going to be a problem. You must look out for unbiased sources and should even search through material and use it in your essay or research paper to make it credible well enough. While it may first sound a bit of hard work, but ultimately can give you good grades.

Most of the times, you may be the only one who will check out your first draft, so just go ahead and throw that first-person perspective if it really helps you in getting your thoughts on paper.

Instances when using first person writing is Okay

While essays about you will definitely need first person, the other kind of essays including research papers must not include the first-person perspective. Some of the examples of the type of the essays that need first person writing by their very nature include the following.

  • Memoir or reflective essays
  • Personal narrative essays
  • Personal statements

Now let us take a bit complicated turn. It is about knowing when to use first person writing in other kinds of academic papers. While it is always suggested to keep a distance from first person writing in most of the instances, there are some of the cases where it can be appropriate even in other kinds of academic writings.

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Writing an essay is not at all an easy task. However, with the correct guidance, you are surely going to nail it!

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