There are many benefits of having a hardwood floor installed in your home or business; it not only looks attractive, provides a stylish place to walk, but it can also accent any existing décor. There are a large variety of different types of wood flooring and stains from you can choose, whether you are searching for that elegant or rustic touch, you can also find a pattern to best suit your needs. Salisbury Hardwood Floorings hardwood floors are easy to install, easy to clean, maintain and lasts for many years – just as you would expect any quality flooring to do.

Professional Cleaning Of Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floors in a Public Place Take the Most Abuse

You may have installed hardwood floors in your place of business, be it a small café or a sweet shop, maybe a clothing store or other specialty boutique. The bottom line is, hardwood floor looks stunning but can show more wear than a traditional linoleum floor. With increasingly more dirt and grime gathering on your hardwood floor than you would generate from a domestic floor from regular foot traffic, the darker and more aged it looks – and let’s face it your business gets a lot of traffic. Brighten up your floors with our Salisbury Hardwood Flooring BONA Deep Clean Service and give it a shine to make your customers pleased.

Removing Shoe, Boot and Chair Scruff Marks

Tennis shoes, boots, dress shoes and chairs can all cause scruff marks on your hardwood floors; some larger and more noticeable than others. This is a somewhat normal occurrence with hardwood, laminate and tile flooring and can be hard to remove in some cases. By using the BONA PowerScrubber machine with an industrial strength cleaning solution, not only does dirt and grime get removed, but so do scruff marks, leaving your floor looking as good as the day it was installed.

Child and Pet Safe

Your children and pets can be tough on hardwood floors, toys can make tiny little scruff marks and pets claws can leave marks when they run through the house. Being able to keep your hardwood floors clean and looking new is important, but the safety of your children and pets is much more important. Our Bona deep clean service is completely child and animal safe, and once the floor has been cleaned your children and pets can return to playing without any danger within a hour.

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