There are many wrong assumptions about waterless car wash. As an example, it is often thought that waterless car wash will scratch the paint of our car. Often, avoiding marring and scratching comes down to common sense and good techniques. As an example, we need to use high quality microfiber towers. Towels should be at least 300 gsm or grams per square meter. Wither as the seller for towels with proper weight or check the tag. Next, we should wipe a good quality waterless wash formula, which can pick up dirt and grime. It is important to avoid rubbing the formula aggressively.

During waterless washing, we should wipe and lift, instead of rub vigorously. Contaminants shouldn’t be dragged back and forth on the car’s surface. We should always use common sense. Surface that’s covered with sand and mud should be rinsed at least twice. Many people would argue that it will defeat the purpose of waterless wash. However, regardless of the method of washing, it is important to remove larger, hard particles from the surface of our car. Heavy contaminants should be removed immediately before we clean the car. If not, we will end up ruining the appearance of our car.

We should be aware that waterless wash doesn’t mean that we need to be completely waterless. It is also important to clean the microfiber towel and other equipments with water. However, we still use much less water with this method. The towel should be washed in hot water and small amount of detergent. If we have plenty of towels, we could put them all in the bucket, instead of cleaning them one by one. In general, we could re-use microfiber towel by up to 50 times after washing them. Because the car is usually washed once a week, the towel should last for about one year.

Often, waterless car wash products have much better cleaning ability than standard products. Waterless variants combine pH builders, lubricants and surfactants to break down any grime effectively. There are also quick detailer products that are intended to provide instant gloss or shine to the paint of our car. However, they are not typically intended for any kind of cleaning purpose. It is important to know that waterless car wash products are not similar. They are quite different and we should know more about how they are produced.

As an example, some waterless wash products are water-based or based on petroleum distillates. It is important for us to get a full disclosure on the type of ingredients used. Some products contain specific protective agents, such as PEG, Teflon, carnauba wax, silicon emulsion and others. The formula may also contain some isopropyl alcohol. Sprayers and bottles should also be 100 percent recyclable. The formula shouldn’t tarnish the windows, if it is designed for the painted surface. With waterless washing method, we could help the environment, because we may need at least 25 gallons of water to wash a medium-sized car.

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