The citizens of Dubai prefer having active life to the passive rest. So, the fitness halls are always overcrowded. It looks like the fitness boom in the city. Do you like the weight training? You can try pilates or yoga. Do you want something special? You can visit the training camp. Dubai is able to surprise you and meet all your sportive requirements. There is nothing better than fitness!

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If you need motivation, you can go to train to Health2GO. This service is individual for every client. You can also ask for the home training to be always in a good form. If you like group training, you can easily visit one of them. The experienced trainers are going to teach you to go for sport.

Go Boxing at the Round 10 Boxing Club

Round 10 Boxing Club is the first regional sport training center with the boxing classes available. The visitors of different preparation levels are available. The hall is situated in the building of the big storage house. You can go training here to give strength to your body. More than 20 boxing trainings are available for different preparation levels. This variant is good for losing in weight.

Improve Your Health in Stretch

You can improve your health and body by training here. Stretch offers to practice in yoga, pilates, and get the certificate for the training. The club is situated in Dubai Marina. Whatever you choose, you feel renewed and healthy, strong and relaxed.

Dubai Creek Running Club

This is a unique place that helps you to better your health from the different sides. It doesn’t matter which hotel or Dubai city you live in. All roads go to Dubai Greek. There is no problem. Just hire a car in Abu Dhabi and go to the Creek Running Club. The primary goal of this club is promote healthy way of life by taking running marathons. There are many programs for different sorts of visitors, newcomers and professionals. One of them is definitely good for you.

If you are newcomer, you can go to train once a week on Sunday. You come for running at 6 p.m. to run in the Safa Park. You can easily admire the picturesque landscapes while you are running. If you want to better your result you can come for training on Thursday to work hard and admire the beauty of the park of Zabeel. The main club training goes on Friday morning not far from the Novotel Hotel and Dubai Trade Mall. The training starts at 6 a.m. for 3-4 hours.

If you want to feel yourself as real runner, you may join in the every year half marathon. This is the best view that started in 2002. The limit is 2000 participants. You have to fill in the application form on the website to go running.


Join Karate Section

The center was created in 1983 close to the Safa Park. The center is certified by the National Federation of Karate and Judo. The trainers are professionals to conduct their classes in the professional way. You can choose one of the following fights: karate, judo, aikido, Thai box, tae kwon do. You can strength your health individually or on the group lessons. It will be great and cheaper to buy 5 or 10 months ticket.

Feel Relaxed with Gems of Yoga

The yoga center makes you feel strong but relaxed. Gems of Yoga is authentic studio where you are offered to practice yoga and different systems of philosophy with the help of your instructor. All of them are dedicated to what they do. They do believe that yoga helps to discover everything’s good in each person. All classes are held in the atmosphere of mutual support and peace.

You are invited to discover yourself with the help of the Ether spiritual practice that are perfect for the newcomers. You can also get some practice by dancing Water. Flow-yoga is the best way of spiritual relaxation. Again, if you want to become stronger, join the Fire group or Air classes. There is also an opportunity to visit Earth classes to meditate, strengthen your spirit and make you smile and love what you do.

Yoga class on a yoga retreat

Sport the Year Round with Insporz

If you want to make your usual boring day special, you can come to the Insportz that is placed in the Al Quoz Hotel. This indoor sport complex offers the playgrounds, play fields, courts to their visitors. The modern equipment and friendly atmosphere help people to support their spirits. You may use the sport fields with different but modern covering.

There are five fields where you can play cricket, football, basketball, hockey, table tennis and other sports. This is a favorable platform for competitions, tourneys. You can participate in the competitions for juniors or professionals. The state trainers from Insportz are always near you to help and support , reach the best results.

Climbing Mountain with Pharaoh’s Club

Your fitness in the Pharaoh’s Club will be great. The classes are suitable for all and everyone. The center of the premium class is situated in the big shopping mall. You may use different sections, fitness hall, swimming pool and sport classes for kids. The main its attraction is indoor climbing wall. The wall is 13 meters high. You can challenge to your abilities and improve your climbing skills. The club supports you with the professional support of the experienced fitness instructor. You definitely can reach the top of the mount.

The high class hotels in Dubai have all necessary elements for making successful business. They all offer free visiting for all hotel guests and attractive proposals for the newcomers. Nevertheless, every fitness center boasts its own special feature that differ them from the rest of others. You’ve learnt about few of them. You have to remember one more thing: you can visit sport sections not only in your hotel. There are many interesting proposals that are waiting for you in the city depending on what you really like and fond of.

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