It’s no secret that many people are swimming in loads of stress. Whether the stress comes from a hectic work life or from a difficult relationship, stress has the power to slowly kill a person. Many people underestimate the power of stress and its ability to keep people in a sad and depressed state. If you’ve found that this has been your lot in life, understand that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Despite all of the outside triggers, there are ways to lead a happier life. Consider the implementation of these five ways to start.

1. Rest

The body needs rest. There’s no way you can effectively do a good job with your daily tasks if you’re running on little to no sleep. Whether you decide to go to bed early and wake up early, make sure that you get at least six hours every night. Your body needs the chance to recharge. Too many people try to operate on caffeinated drinks and it’s a detrimental way to exist. Plus, it leads to grumpiness, irritability and unhappiness. In order to stay happy, healthy and sane, get some rest every night.

2. Love

For those who feel like love only comes in the form of romantic partner, understand that’s only one facet of the larger picture. Love can also come in the form of a parent and child relationship. It can show up as a best friend who will be supportive through a tough time. It can even be a bond between co-workers that’s strengthened as a result of going through a workplace conflict. Life is best and happiest when it’s shared. Always remember that and try to incorporate this fact into your life.

3. Meditation

Implement These 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Stress & Depression

Meditation is such a healthy practice for the mind, body and spirit. Many people wake up in the morning and face the day without taking a few moments to sit alone. Before you serve others and work tirelessly for the day, sit down and develop a deep breathing practice. Author Ilchi Lee suggests a habit of meditation for mental clarity and calm. Ilchi Lee also offers lots of wisdom for those who desire to develop a strong meditation practice of their own.

4. Proper Nutrition

The fact is true. You are what you eat. It shows up through your pores and impacts how your internal organs operate. If you’re constantly fueling your body with candy, chips and soda, it’s only a matter of time before you develop diabetes and other diseases. If you don’t already do this, develop a healthy diet and stick to it. Make sure there are vegetables incorporated into each meal. Instead of eating chips for a snack, opt for carrots, celery and dip instead. Always look for healthier alternatives. Your body will thank you.

5. Exercise

In order to keep the blood circulating properly and keep the heart healthy, exercise on a daily basis. Exercise also has a way of positively impacting your mental health. Whether it’s a walk around the park in the evening or a fun salsa dance class, make movement a daily habit. Researchers suggest that sitting is considered the new version of smoking. Stay active and you won’t have to worry.

The process won’t be one that manifests overnight. It’ll take time for these practices to manifest success in your life. However, they are all worth the effort they require. Your health and happiness are also worth the effort. Invest in your happiness and it’ll reward you handsomely.

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