People who fail to get proper sleep are at an increased risk of chronic disease. Cut out late-night caffeine, foods and plants, promoting quality sleep. Respect a schedule. Make sure you’re using the right pillow and  sure your bedroom is dark and cozy. Force yourself to wake up every day at the same time, regardless of the number of hours of sleep.

Soft Light

The bright light can keep us awake, Use a low intensity light before going to bed, a small flashlight or a source of soft light. The same principle applies. If you read a story book before bed. Non-pharmaceutical remedies – relaxation techniques, light therapy, are the first defense against chronic insomnia. “Any new smell, a behavioral tool that you can use to associate relaxation with smells. The best smell to promote sleep and prevent the insomnia is one that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Monday mornings are even more painful. Keeping a regular sleep schedule.

Pillow for a Good Night Sleep

If you have allergies, You will probably breathe better without the feather pillow, or with a foam pillow. Few people are actually allergic to feathers. In addition, the foam, which retains high moisture, can worsen allergies. Choose the right pillow that will Offer good support and pain relief.

Medium Firm Mattress

No need for an expensive mattress. One good study was conducted on the mattress, and it confirms the theory earrings Gold: most people prefer a mattress neither too hard nor too soft. Moral of the story: for a medium-firm mattress.

Ban Electronics Before Bedtime

Turn Off all your electronics at least 1 hour bed before bedtime, technology affects our sleep is cognitive stimulation, Light brightness from devices that can work against quality shuteye. A warning to turn off mobile phones and stop the checking emails, playing video games on smartphones.

Chamomile Tea Fight Against Insomnia

The chamomile tea produces a light relaxing, gentle enough for children. Skullcap, the California poppy, and valerian are more powerful, Best medicine for insomnia. Your garden contains a real pharmacy.

Lavender to Relax and Sleep Better

Stress keeps you awake? The scent of lavender slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Follow a bedtime ritual. By repeating the same motions every night, you will develop positive reflexes. Some People listen to music to manage their moods, o others have a favorite book. Do not drink in the evening. To avoid having to get up at night to urinate, Stop drinking fluids around 2 hours before bedtime.

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