A bloated belly can sabotage  your mood, Bad food choices lead to bloating and can affect anyone. Low fiber diet foods that can cause the bloating and  linked to the stomach discomfort and indigestion. Eating too fast always also linked to the bloating. You should avoid from your diet.

Acid Beverages

This category includes carbonated juices, beer and mineral water. If you want to have a flat abdomen, avoid them and replace them with at least 8 glasses of water consumption every day or with herbal teas. drinking more water also helps to get rid of toxins from your body.

Low Fiber Diet

Low fiber diet is  one of the main reasons for bloating. You need to follow the diet with high fiber diet, many doctor’s recommend, healthy digestion can reduce the episodes of bloating. Fiber rich diet can make digestion faster. You need to add fruits, nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables  to your diet.

Chewing Gum

If you have the habit of chewing gum, even if it can help keep your teeth clean during the day and have a fresh breath, it can cause the bloating at the same time because of the sweeteners it contains. In addition, when you chew gum, you will inevitably swallow air that will cause flatulence.

Foods Containing Sodium

Sodium makes the body retain water, so consumption of high-sodium foods will  lead to swelling of the stomach. so try to avoid foods containing sodium and consumes unpacked heat. Nutritionists recommend eating bananas because they contain potassium that helps to get rid of  sodium in the body.


Alcohol is one of the main causes of bloating.  it is one of the major triggers for gastritis.

Food Contains Heavy  Sugar

Preparations containing added sugar, which give you a feeling of full stomach just now, but soon, they make you even more hungry. Stay away from them and replace them with healthy foods containing vitamins and minerals.

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