Winter is the season for colds and viruses. Healthy foods can perform miracles by creating a healthy and strong immune system. Healthy immune system helps to prevent illnesses and infections. here are the best foods helps to keep your immune system in optimal working order.


Miracle Foods That Boost Your 'Winter' Immune System

It contains huge amounts of antioxidants, fiber and protein, excellent components in the recovery process of the body, especially after blowing your nose. Also, cauliflower is an excellent source of folic acid and vitamin C, can provide your body more vitamin C than citrus. A strong immune system also needs nutrients such as vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium,  found in cauliflower.


Miracle Foods That Boost Your 'Winter' Immune System

With peas,  it is an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the immune system,  fighting against infections. In addition, peas also contain vitamins A and C, folic acid and fiber food. Vitamin C helps to fight against infections and  regenerate other antioxidants in the body (vitamin E) and the Foods that are high in fibre keep you feeling fuller for longer and care for the digestive system. A good idea is to add green peas, in salads or pasta.


Miracle Foods That Boost Your 'Winter' Immune System

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Oregon, blueberry intake has been shown to help protect the blood components,  In addition, blueberries are considered as a superfood, full of antioxidants,  slowing the aging process. Contains polyphenols, help prevent blood clots in the brain.

Garlic and onions

Miracle Foods That Boost Your 'Winter' Immune System

Garlic and onion can boost your immune system and it is recommended to consume them raw, for a healthy body. Garlic and onion have antimicrobial properties can kill viruses.  contains a component called allicin, this increase in the activity of your white blood cells, fight against infection. When you can add them raw in salads.

Egg Yolk

Miracle Foods That Boost Your 'Winter' Immune System

One of the healthy and balanced diet, Contain protein, Preventing colds and flu,  yolks also contain far more of the nutrient choline than the white, And  high doses of minerals (zinc and selenium), extremely important for a strong immune system. In addition,  includes vitamins B6, B12, E, folic acid and vitamins D and A properties, which helps the smooth functioning of the brain.

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