Many brands and marketing campaigns on the internet today try to convey emotions and feelings directly to the visitor, however, only succeed. Your story must be attractive, easy to read and to connect with your readers. Simple facts, while interesting, are just not good enough for today’s good story for the marketing campaign.

Every day we are exposed to the bombing of media articles, opinions, television and radio advertisements. Which of these stories will you remember? Those who are emotionally attached to you and stories that are not there just to sell the product directly. We love stories that display the experience and benefit of what you are reading.

Most readers would like to be part of a story that makes a difference, and this can only be achieved if you allow your audience to see behind the scenes. You need to show your human side and generate emotion. This way, you become more than a name or regular brand that is represented at every step.

If your marketing campaign has a personality that represents your total mission and value, you will develop and build a link with the targeted audience. Visitors who feel the connection with your brand will become the advocates of what you are doing and share your information and opinions with their friends and family.

Campaigns, but also brands need good stories that will help them gain following. For example, created an image that not only coexisted with their name but also was useful to customers considering the very dangerous internet environment many customers were operating at the time. Today, they are a prime source for everything related to finance industry and online trading; binary options, forex trading and CFDs. Their site offers the largest database of reviewed binary options brokers, signal providers, and auto trading robots. Also, it is possible to learn more with their trading academy, scam and fraud information and trading software reviews. In order to prove that they really are fair, they helped traders who encountered scams and wrote stories about brokers who were involved in unethical practices. They did all this before regulators were aware of binary options existence. Their story was not created in a day but is now recognizable among their targeted audience.

This is not the only example of how stories can help you build successful campaigns. Just remember the ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ commercial for Coca-Cola. The most famous commercial in the television history never mentions what Coca-Cola can do for your thirst and why you should buy it, but promotes the modern and always present values of equality of people all over the world. There is not a single person who can ignore the blissful and catchy tune, as well as human faces from all over the world. The campaign is corresponding with everyone and doesn’t even mention how good Coke is.

So, tell your story in an innovative way and connect it with emotions. Don’t think in numbers. Be persistent and reach the mind and heart of your audience. Only in this way will you be able to gain the trust and the return of your readers.

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