Long walks help you clear your head and calm you down. helps to burn calories and strengthen muscles. Walking is a great way to improve fitness. It is a safe activity, It is also very easy to incorporate into daily practice. It’s also a great way to lose weight. Walking is a wonderful exercise for  cardiovascular health.

  1. Outside, enjoying a walk and fresh air in nature, sunshine and exercise; inside, walking on treadmill regularly that helps to tone your muscles and joints, which can reduce the risk of injury. brisk walking is positively associated with bone and in better health . The exercise of walking also improves mood and fight against the symptoms of depression and the anxiety . Walking at a brisk pace is good for the heart and lungs, . helps  to lose weight: you can burn up to 100 kcal by walking just 1.5 km. increase your walking speed on treadmill that can burn   more calories than a similar exercise performed on any other device. Slowly increase the speed of progress of the carpet. You must breathe a little harder, At the end of the session, gradually decrease the running.
  2. Doctor’s recommend walking briskly at least 30 minutes every day, but 10 minutes of walking alert is enough to improve your fitness. The right pace is one that allows you to continue that breathing pattern, when frequent walks with a faster than usual,  This puts unnecessary strain on the knees and ankles, and can lead to muscle pain. It can hurt directly over your shinbone (tibia).
  3. Hill climbing or walking on a soft surface such as sand is enough to raise the workload. Be careful though, because walking over uneven ground increases your risk of a sprained ankle, especially if you have fragile joints. To protect against sprains, always wear good hiking shoes, which hold the ankles.
  4. Walking is a popular aerobic activity. smoothly as well as a great  activity. However, although in order to burn more calories, that can control your heart beat and helps to reduce your blood pressure, most of us are walking too slowly to draw benefits.
  5. Walking is the easiest way of exercise, it actually helps to reduce fat around belly. In 2014, According to the study of University Utah, women, every minute of brisk walking found that they have lesser risk of obesity by 5%. You can burn 75 calories simply by walking at 2mph for 30 minutes.
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