We all want to live healthier, more active lives. We rush out to buy books about the next miracle diet fad, and we waste money on unused gym memberships. However, we still see little to no results in our ongoing quest to get fit. But why? What are we doing wrong?

The answer varies by person, but for many, it’s because we aren’t creating an environment that matches our health goals. In order to really see results, we need  to health-proof our homes.

7 Ways To Health-Proof Your Home

Start with the Refrigerator

Remove everything from your fridge, and then separate these items by category. Next, place everything back inside, but move your fruits and vegetables to the front and top of your refrigerator. Put more tempting indulgence towards the back of it.

If you have left over unhealthy takeout, remove the food from its original containers. Store it in food containers that make it hard to detect the food inside. Putting healthier foods at the front makes you more likely to grab and eat it over unhealthier foods stored in the back.

Store Strategically

Just like your refrigerator, start by removing everything from your pantry and counter. Next, put anything unhealthy at the back of your pantry. Place a bowl of fruit on the counter for snacking. Keep junk food  out of eyesight to minimize temptation.

Control your portions by making single serve bags. Avoid buying in bulk, but if you do, turn all your bulk items into single serve packaging. These single serve snacks make it easy to grab them and go.

Pick the Right Dinnerware

Purchase dark small plates and bowls. People who eat on small plates eat less because they believe they’re eating more. Divided portion control plates help individuals eat the correct serving size of proteins, vegetables, and carbs.

Watch What You Eat

Prepare an appetizer with your meal. Make sure that it is a leafy green or a salad. This gets you a little fuller before starting the main course.

Arrange the food dishes a few inches away from you around the table. Having to reach for your food lessens the chances of going for seconds and eating without thinking about your consumption.

Eat in an area where a mirror is within view. Watch yourself eat. Eating in front of a mirror creates more self-awareness: you become more conscious of how you look eating and your unhealthy eating habits. A mirror can also help you visualize how you’ll look as you get in better shape.

Rearrange Your Closet

Put form fitting clothing at the front of your closet. As you drop sizes, throw away or donate the rest. Form fitting clothing reminds you of your fitness goals, and throwing away other items shows a commitment to staying on this healthy path.

Keeping clothing a few sizes bigger almost gives you permission to gain the weight back. Make a bold statement by only keeping around outfits in your current size.

Put Exercise Equipment at the Forefront

Add some exercising equipment to your living room. If you see it daily, you’re more likely to use it. If you store it away, it’s easy to ignore it and let it go unused. Fancy treadmills or elliptical machines aren’t necessary. Instead, add some small weights, resistance bands, and balance balls to your living room.

To stock up on small exercising gear, use coupons to make your purchases at fitness gear friendly stores, such as Garmin, which carries fitness trackers and scales.

Don’t Obsess

Don’t spend all your waking hours checking a scale. Designate one day a week to checking the scale. Wear the same clothing every time. Even if your weight doesn’t reflect your ideal, focus on how healthier you feel, and what you have accomplished so far.

Just enjoy the journey and let the results happen naturally.