What if you accidentally overwrote or even deleted your data that was extremely important and more so you need them immediately? Before you switch on your panic mode, we give you a reason to heave a sigh of relief and that is cloud backup. But the most important thing that you need to do is invest time for the solution that is known as cloud to cloud backup.

Now that you have zeroed in on this particular solution, there are bound to be questions that will come across your mind. In case that happens, you are entitled to ask the same to the vendors who are responsible for providing cloud to cloud backups. Some of the most common thoughts or doubts are:

  • The availability of application hosting to backup your data.
  • The ease in finding the data whenever you want to restore or even access it.
  • The liberty of using the data as and when you wish post getting access to your data.

These questions are common because your smoothness or ease with which you can access as well as use the data will be determined. We all know that this is possible post getting the answers to the above mentioned three doubts.

  • Independence and Uptime on SLA through Source Application – Renowned and well reputed vendors provide uptime guarantee on the SLA and needs to have clear processes as compensation provided the threshold is not met. Additionally, the company has the liberty to consider the access of the backup in case the source application is down. For instance, in case the Google Drive is unavailable but you need Google Docs word processing document from Google Apps account. In such cases, you need to ensure that the backup provider lets you log in irrespective of the Google Apps being down and also lets you download the files.
  •  Search Functionality – In case of SaaS applications, search is used on a regular basis. In most cases, searching for a backup file is required in case the data is lost or you are having a hard time to find it. Vendors offering cloud to cloud backup in UK provides a diverse range of functionality. Therefore, it is extremely important to know about the various features those are in the offering. Understanding the functionality and the use of the features will help you know what exactly will suit the need of your company requirements.
  • Browse Methodology – Searching for a particular file or data is the most convenient process to come across information that you were looking for. Restoring or exporting data can make browsing useful provided there are several last documents those are stored together. It is important to figure out the browsing capabilities of your vendor and the kind of backup setups they have. This analysis will help you understand the process that you need to follow in order to browse data. Determining the ease and convenience is extremely important.
  • Download or Export – Situations in your professional domain might crop up where you might need the local copy of the document or the backup set entirely on your external hard drive. Therefore, it is extremely important to know from your vendor the provision for downloading or exporting the items, either single, multiple or the entire backup set. Exporting the data is useful only when the format can be easily used and read.

All companies should focus on drafting a solution system to retrieve or access data easily in case they get lost or deleted accidentally. The ease in accessibility to get back the data saves a lot of company’s time. In such a situation, cloud to cloud backup is perhaps the only effective solution.