When I look at a number of business Twitter accounts, I get a little frustrated. Many businesses aren’t making the most of opportunities that Twitter offers. Here are 3 things businesses need to do more to maximise the opportunities from Twitter.

7 Things Businesses Can Do To Improve Their Twitter Profile

Don’t Self-Promote (Too much)

I do think self-promotion is something that should be done on Twitter, but not to such an extent that it’s all a business does. I come across so many business Twitter accounts where self-promotion is all they do. If you have a new product or blog post, it’s fine to Tweet about it a few times, but when your timeline is just constant self-promotion, you will lose followers.

Get Involved in Conversations

Twitter search is an excellent tool to use that can find people talking about things within your industry. Use this to get involved in conversations about things you are an expert in. This can build relationships and relevant followers.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity, of Followers

You just have to look on places like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour to see that there’s big business in people selling Twitter followers. You can buy thousands of followers for cheap, but these followers are usually either bots or obsolete accounts. I would rather have 100 active, relevant followers than 10,000 fake ones. Although it can be argued that having a lot of followers means more people will follow you, but I’d much rather focus my efforts on gaining followers organically through using the above tip.

Use Promoted Tweets

Not a lot of people make the most of the option to sponsor Tweets. It’s not expensive, and you can target specific niches, meaning there’s a greater chance of gaining relevant traffic.

Get Involved with #Hashtags

If there’s a hashtag relevant to your niche, get involved with it. There are also things such as #fridayfeeling that helps get your brand out there if you Tweet the right thing.

Speak to Customers

If a customer has an issue or mentions your brand, either in a good way or bad way, respond to them. It makes the business look more approachable.

Use Influencers to Increase Brand Awareness

FreeOfficeFinder, who specialise in renting office space in London, recently published an article about the best young entrepreneurs in the UK. As many of these people were influencers in their niche, they used Twitter to promote the feature.

The result was a Tweet from one of the most prominent business celebrities in the UK.

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