Starting a blog can be an exciting experience. Choosing the theme, color palette, niche and other elements allows you to express your creativity and individualism. Sometimes, though, all of the details can become overwhelming. One aspect that many bloggers either struggle with or underestimate the importance of is the blog’s name. The name you choose should reflect the blog’s subject matter and should be memorable. On top of that, you must also make sure the title you choose has an available domain name. This can prove to be a challenge due to the sheer number of URLs that have been created over the years. This step doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow a few guidelines. Continue reading to find out how to choose a domain name for your blog.

It Should Be a Reflection of Your Content

Your domain name is a reflection of your blog. Essentially, it is your brand. Therefore, the name must reflect the content of blog or its creator. Take some time to brainstorm the feel you want your readers to take away and jot down the words that come to mind. For a personal blog, you may wish to ask your friends to share the adjectives they think best describe you. If you’re selling a product, make a list of words that describe your goods. Once you have a handful of words, you can then use them as a springboard to choosing a blog name.

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog

Stick With the Standard

When it comes to whether to go with the trusted .com or to choose a fun top level domain, it’s usually best to stick with the standard. Readers and customers recognize it and will most likely trust your authority more so than if you were to choose something trendy. Using a top level domain like zone, world, club or digital can sometimes tie in well with a particular branding goal. There are tons from which to choose. Just know that you could be taking a risk in doing so.

Short and Sweet is Best

There are lots of advantages to a short domain name. Shorter words are usually easier to remember. It’s also a simpler task to type in a short domain name and to share it on social media. Bear in mind that the majority of internet users are browsing the web on their smartphones. A lengthy domain name can definitely cause problems on small screens. On a related note, shorter names can be pronounced with ease. Your brand should never be too difficult for people to say.

Check for Availability

First, you’ll want to do a domain search to be sure your brilliant title is available for purchase. Once that is determined, visit social media sites like Twitter to see if your name or a close derivative of it is already in use. You don’t want to invest time, energy and money into creating your branding on a name you can’t readily use for online networking and promotion. Do some search engine research for any companies, products or media that use a very similar name. You don’t want to encounter any legal battles in the future, so it’s best to avoid being too similar to others.

Follow these tips when choosing your blog’s domain name,and you’ll be more likely to develop a name that works. Some time, creativity and research are all you need to brainstorm a name that’s perfect for your new venture.

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