The Green New Deal, something that has become a hot topic in American politics lately. It’s still unclear somewhere as not many are sure what really is discussed under this topic but for now what we understand it is changing the use of energy and control the climate as well as the economic change. It’s an outline of principles to fight inequality and handle the climatic change. The Green New Deal has replaced “health care of all” agenda which has been targeting towards the citizens of the United States. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, American politician, activist, a member of the democratic party, representative of New York’s 14th congressional district since January 3, 2019, and a spokesperson for The Green New Deal. Alexandria aims to take over the American economic order within few years. Studies tell that it’s the fight she’s fighting for the future of the American energy.

Energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric will be playing their roles while the geothermal energy will also join in. For sure, using energy in a whole different way won’t be any easy. All of this will also require a whole lot of money. This will somehow provide employment to the unemployed people of America as said.

GND is holding five goals along with 15 requirements and 14 projects putting some light on the crisis as economical and climate also the inequality which GND can deal.

Alexandria’s goal for better America or we can also say the goals of GND include promised job opportunity, better economy, electricity generation, transportation, clean water, air and food, better trade, change in agriculture and actions for eliminating carbon emissions will be taken (burning fossil fuels, like natural gas, crude oil and coal). Projects for restoring the eco-system, development of the buildings and electricity grids are also being kept in focus.

Sheila’s view on GND

Sheila Zilinsky, a former top government advisor who started to speak against anthropogenic global warming. She came forward as a woman with a leading voice in Christian syndicated media. Examining news and events, Zilinsky has also discussed the GND.

According to her, the concept and the name of this plan aren’t any new. Also, it puts huge effort to build a climate-friendly energy system while keeping in view the American system also giving a kick start to the American economic system.

The objectives of GND are not only bold but unachievable too Zilinsky says. Adding further, the points made regarding giving equal employment opportunities to all Americans were doubtful. Jobs even for the Americans who aren’t willing to work are also guaranteed.

This whole idea doesn’t seem to come true as it kind of seems funny and requires more than a lot.

 Future of GND

According to the scientist, this idea of GND seems stupid but yet again some scientist are really in favor of this proposal. Not sure if this idea will ever come true as it’s neither as easy as ABC nor a joke that could be played for some time. Billions of dollars will be used to bring up the new machinery so that the better energy as discussed is generated. This is a very huge decision to make which if failed, won’t be easy to fix. Moreover, scientists say that only about one percent of chance can be seen or considered in the change wishing to bring in the world. No doubt, it is a good idea but only if it was more realistic and asked for less amount to put in.

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