There is no doubt that musicians earn tons of money through their album rights and royalties. All a musician has to do is released one viral hit and they can sit back and relax for the rest of their life. However, if they manage to become a continuous hit then the sky is the limit as many musicians are currently in the Forbes top 100 richest men in the world. Contrary to popular belief most musicians did not become overnight successes, these individuals had to dedicate their lives to the music industry.

Kurt Cobain has said time and time again that without his band and constant practice, he would never have become one of the icons of the industry. These musicians have to put their entire life on hold if they start a career in this industry and have to take a huge gamble on their skill set. Initially, musicians barely earn any kind of money and are mostly from poverty-stricken backgrounds. They rely on their talents and work hard even to get noticed in this dynamic world of music.

However, since the inception of the internet, these artists now have a platform where they can showcase their music to billions of people. Think of it this way, if an artist simply posts a single video showcasing his or her talent and that video goes viral, then their talent will be shared with thousands of people. This has paved the way for many new artists who are bringing their own twist to current genres.

Many of these artists are actually using their social position to shed light on different core issues in society. These artists have set up charity funds and host musical events all around the world to help raise revenue for many different causes. Here’s a list of some of the popular musicians who are changing society with their philanthropic efforts.

J. Ezike

Ezike is a Biafran author, political activist, columnist and musician. He started his music career by playing in the streets and the started playing at London churches. J. Ezike is more commonly known as “Kool Daddy” is now one of the most widely recognized musicians in his genre. He is s renowned social activists who have been addressing core issues in our society today.

Neil Young

Everyone knows who Neil Young is as this musician founded the Bridge schools in honor of his two autistic children. In a span of thirty years, this musician has hosted hundreds of concerts where the funds were directed towards the Bridge School. This school was established to help children with severe speech issues and physical disabilities, their efforts are renowned all around the world for the dissemination of life long educational strategies to help such students.

It seems many musicians have started using their fame and fortune to actually do good in society. They are in the perfect place to start any type of change and can instantly help shed light on core issues in society which need to be addressed.

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