With tons of Instagram accounts that are putting up the most exclusive aesthetics, the highest fashion trends and all the quirky and exciting things we see on this diverse app – it is a rat race towards being the topmost influencer. But what more do you get from being an influencer on Instagram except for the gratification of 100,000 followers? Wouldn’t you want to cash in on your popularity?

It’s not easy to be an influencer nowadays because of the diversity and challenges but we have collected 5 tips from the Instagram influencer and upcoming personality in the fashion world – Jonathan Jadali. He’s the new Instagram hype man and people are posting his content on their stories and pages because he’s just that attractive and he knows how to have the type of picture on Instagram that gets eyes drooling with desire. He engages with all his followers and has given us some effective tips so that we can help all the upcoming influencers on Instagram as well.

1. Capitalize on Your Uniqueness

What sets you apart from everyone else? Why would people want their content on their home feed? And most importantly, would it make people stop when you post, like and suggest to their friends as well? With over 400,000,000 Instagram users, you should know you are going to sell. Have faith, and put in the effort.

2. Don’t Be Shy

Nobody wants to play the validation game with someone that isn’t confident with themselves. Throw away your insecurities because the most successful Instagram influencers let their audience into their thoughts and lives. They share the highs and lows.  Make a space where people can feel like they can trust you and they can be comfortable. It’s all about your audience.

3. Document, Don’t Create

When Gary Vaynerchuk said, “document, don’t create” he really was not giving random advice that you could just wave away. Eating dinner at a fancy place? Share it on your story. In a meeting with a business client? Share it. A happening lifestyle is an influencing one. And besides, don’t think creating content is a heavy burden. Followers want to be able to see everything that you’re active in!

4. Choose & Stick to an Aesthetic 

This is not as easy as everyone makes it seem. It requires the most unique point of your creativity because it will prove to be a major key to open the door for being the popular Instagram influencer. A cohesive feed guides your audience and keeps them hooked to every one of your posts. You also have to make sure that you have a high-quality camera because quality images will take you to the top. If you can’t get a hunky boyfriend who will also act as your photographer, get the GorillaPad because you can wrap it around anything! Propose collaborations with other pages too for more exposure.

5. Make yourself available for sponsorships & collaborations

Make sure you have a business email id in your bio so that it’s easier for people to reach out to you and if they do, have your social stats ready as well. Stats should include followers growth, engagement rate, clicks on your link and monthly website traffic. One thing to maintain your own branding is to promote things that you believe in and that your audience can make something good out of. Everyone wants sponsorship offers but you can’t promote anything because it’s important that you have a standard. Brands dig that and you’ll gain more trust with your audience as well.

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