You know you want to! You may not even be the biggest football fan on the planet, but maybe you’re surrounded by game lovers or are simply looking for an excuse to get everyone together for a little bit of fun. No matter what the reason, you don’t have to make yourself crazy with your Superbowl party preparations.

Adults Only or Family Friendly?

Make sure you set limitations for your party. Do you have children? Will other children be in attendance? Yes or no – make a choice and stick to it. That way you can also make sure to limit the amount or type of alcohol that is present. Maybe there will be beer-only if you’re hosting a family-friendly party. It’s up to you. Just make sure the kids see a responsible example, even though it’s a fun day.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Hello! You have to decorate, at least a little bit. Find decorations that match the color theme of the team you’re rooting for, even if your own home team didn’t make the cut. Find table cloths, disposable dishes, pennants, and even fun items like whistles or noise makers. Make it all match or, at the very least, give it a green and brown football theme.

How To Host The Hottest Superbowl Party In Town

Serve the Right Foods

Game day foods should be fun, but not really fancy. What are the foods the teams playing are known for having in their own towns? If you aren’t 100% sure, you could consider going to a place like Foody Direct to browse the site and have some specialties catered and delivered (which is also less work for you). If not, go for old standby foods – chips, pretzels, buffalo chicken dip, hot dogs, chili, and veggies with dip. Keep it simple!

Set Some Fun Wagers

Betting on the game is boring. Set some other fun bets. Choose things you’ll see on TV – like how many Coke commercials will air or how many times the local announcer will say “um.” Be creative and get the kids involved, too!

Be Polite to Those Not Interested

Maybe you’re a guy throwing a party for his friends while his wife hides in the bedroom? Treat her as though the day is special for her, too. Splurge on a day at the spa or send her and a couple of friends out to dinner and a movie. She’ll feel a lot less alone, bored, and ignored. Encourage all of the guys to chip in for their own wives or girlfriends.

Football season is almost done, but there’s no reason you can’t send it out with a bang. Plan carefully and have a great day!

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