A website is a door that leads the audience to a vast era of opportunities, services and products that await their presence. Make sure that this door is so tempting that the audiences would love to open it and explore what’s in store for them. While designing a website, a designer often thinks about the features and qualities that an exceptional website should exhibit. Today let us talk about the mistakes that should be avoided to create a great website.

Blunders that should be avoided to hold on to the attention of the users

1. Too much to handle

Avoid including chunks of data, information, images, videos and graphics as this might make them difficult to handle the abundance that the website would be executing. Website design Hong Kong and many other parts of the world will be based on the concept of minimum contents with the maximum results. Let the mandatory data make a neat and organized appearance on the website, making it aesthetically pleasing to the users.

2. Stop Distractions:

A pop-up window is one of the annoying features that disrupts the attention of the users. It is believed that pop-ups help to integrate traffic, but as far possible it is advisable to avoid them to make the visitors stay on your website.

3. A strong background:

A marvelous background is all that it needs to pull the attention of the users and get them follow your instincts. Do not make the backgrounds too loud for the contents to be visible to the users.

4. Complicated navigations:

We all love it when we get the right guidance in our life. Same applies in the world of websites. Keep the navigations simple and easy to understand so that you do not make the users confused as to how to get from one place to another on the website.

5. Avoid screaming:

Large fonts are good to catch the attention on the users but do not make extensive use of Capital Letters as you do not want your websites to be screaming to the users. Make use of contrasting font sized to get the attention of the users. At the same time do not go for small fonts as this will make the contents illegible for the users.

Final Thoughts:

Exceptionally functioning website design Hong Kong, China and many other parts of the world are not only expecting but are also contributing for its implementation. A good design is not only aesthetically pleasing but can garner the attention of the users with creative yet simple website designs. Apart from the designing aspect, pay attention to the user experience of website as well as the performance of the website. A well-designed website attributed by poor loading time is one of the major turn-offs for the audiences. It is not always about doing the right thing, sometimes yo should also concentrate on avoiding the wrong ones to achieve success. 

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