-Introduction-India, former land of mighty British Empire and one of the most populous countries of southern Asia. India can provide large choice of adventure for everyone and every occasion or specific taste. Also, having in mind that this country has low living standard compared to countries in Europe or USA, it should be easy to find something beautiful, breathtaking and challenging for 25 $.

1. Adventurous Flying above Neemrana

It is ‘best bang for your buck’ activity in this article. Tempting nature and beautiful scenery is all around this activity providing you ride of your life. Also Zip line is 2 km long with successive stops in which you have professional guides which will help you to broaden your knowledge about historic Neemrana fort palace.

2. National Parks

Experience nature and feel power in India, one of great advantages of offers in India is their animal world and nature. Just for 15-20 $ you can go to various types of safari or sightseeing.

3. Mysterious Track Hiking

Through Garhwali region at 3224 m is very interesting and bizarre. On the end of hiking you reach to Skeleton Lake where you can find remains of 300 weird shaped people.

4. Water Fight

We can also say that India is home to long, untamed rivers which are great for rafting, kayaking etc. For 20 $ are you going to try your luck with the water? Also you can choose size of raft and hardness of water track.

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5. Cycle in Style

Ladakh Region is heaven for off road cyclist. In these tracks you’ll be driving under sky. Also it is important to say that cycling tracks in Ladakh are world highest.

6. Conquering Rock

Hampi province is full of boulders and rocks which are close to historical virupaksha temple. After challenging sport activity you can go to Hampi Bazaar or search the city for another adventure. Everything is close and waiting for you.

7. Extraordinary Ride

lf you are bored of driving in a car then India is place for you Just for 25 $ you can visit India mountains in style. You can do sightseeing of mountains on yak, camels or horse. Choice is yours.

8. Under Earth

Space that hasn’t been changed for millions of years in mawsmai Caves. Piece of nature that isn’t touched by human hand. Inside you can see great and rare specimens of animals, plants and become witness to its greatness and beauty.

 9. Through the Dunes

If you really want to feel rush of adrenaline in original way, take a jeep and go to the dunes. Parts of north India is desert land and it can be great for crazy fun and adrenaline ride.

10. White Slopes Incredible India

In one moment you can be in hot city center of New Delhi and in the other you can ski down the steep slope of Auli. It has 20 km of mountain tracks from 2915 m to 3049 m. Snow and tracks are pristine and beautiful. Also, when you go down the slopes of this cool place, you can find sweet and nice resorts or log huts for relaxation on fresh mountain air.

We can say that with India you can’t go wrong. It has nature, excitement and adrenaline are something that will define your visit to India. Make your choice and enjoy.

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