In 1904, scientists recorded a higher level of radioactivity emitted by the rocks, near the area where a large ball of light was seen earlier. When radon is released into the air, its solid decay products easily attach to airborne dust. New computer simulation shows that the dust is immersed in an ionized gas (plasma, i.e. dust) and can form a double helix. Modeling suggests that the dust particles form a cylindrical structure, sometimes becoming a spiral structure. Some have a spiral radius which changes abruptly from one value to another and back.

The lights in Hess Dalen may adopt a helical structure. Surprisingly, dusty plasmas can also take the form of such structures. In general, as we can only guess since many of the phenomena continue to keep a secret that we have yet to unravel.

Of all the stories of abductions, aliens earthlings have the most shocking stories that the kidnappers are allegedly trying to create a “hybrid” offspring – a humanoid that would be able to bridge the gap between human society and the culture of “other.” This notorious “crossbreeding program” because of its ominous overtones has become a major component of many books. Actions aliens are trying to explain such authors as David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins; as Russian urologist Gennady Bulanov.

It is believed that a UFO and abduction phenomenon necessarily linked to each other: a UFO – it’s exotic vehicles used by thieves to accomplish their tasks. But where did these come flying UFO? Where do we get the idea that is sure to distant planets and alien galaxies? Why not underground or submarine bases that exist here on Earth, we have at hand?

Scott C. Waring urologists say that in his opinion the aliens have underground bases in this area and not just a part of his visit. These can be alien trying to invade To detect these large underground alien population is necessary to dig straight down to a depth of 3 to 6 km.

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