If you have never had braces placed on your teeth, you may wonder what to expect during your initial visit to an orthodontist. During the examination, the orthodontist normally performs a wide-ranging evaluation. He or she will examine the positioning of the teeth, the jaw structure, and the shape and placement of the chin, lips, and nose.

What Happens During Your First Visit To The Orthodontist?

Making Further Appointments

After these assessments are made, the orthodontist will tell you about the recommended treatment plan as well as the approximate price for that treatment. By the end of the session, you will have set up a records appointment and a consultation.

During the records appointment, you will have photos taken of your teeth and face. In addition, impressions of your teeth will be created so they can be transformed into plaster casts. X-rays are also ordered so that the orthodontist can assess your case and develop a plan of treatment.

After the orthodontist has assessed your dental condition, he or she will consult with you about the treatment. During this appointment, orthodontists in Melbourne usually explain the details of specific alignment or straightening issues and the proper therapy. Therefore, during this appointment, you will need to ask questions and make sure that you clearly understand what your orthodontic treatment will entail.

Getting Used to Wearing Braces

Once you have your inquiries answered, appointments will be scheduled to begin the treatment. Once you have the braces placed in your mouth, you will need a little bit of time to get used to the straighteners. This new feeling will subside after several days’ time.

At this point in the treatment process, you may also experience a bit of tenderness. That is because your teeth are starting to move. During this initial stage too, patients normally eat softer foods, such as pasta. Orthodontic wax can also be used to lessen the scratchiness of the braces inside your mouth. Once you become accustomed to wearing the braces, you can dispense of using the wax.

Pay Close Attention to Care

After the placement of the braces, you will also be given directions for cleaning your teeth. Normally, patients must use specific brushes and use certain methods to maintain their teeth. If you do not follow these directions, you may experience gum infections and tooth decay.

Orthodontic patients should never eat sticky foods or hard candies during their treatment process. In addition, you should not drink acidic beverages or drinks that contain a high sugar content.

What Happens During Orthodontic Adjustments

Generally, you will need to schedule appointments for adjustments about every six weeks. During the adjustments, the orthodontist may perform such tasks as repositioning a bracket or altering a wire. Treatment is tracked during these sessions, too. Typically, the appointments are scheduled in short time frames which parallel nicely with a patient’s schedule.

At the end of the treatment process, an appointment is scheduled for removal of the braces. Once the removal is completed, impressions are taken for the making of retainers. The retainers are necessary follow-ups as they keep the teeth in place. Retainers are typically checked over a two-year period to ensure treatment success.

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