When we are sick, we trust our doctor in providing us with medical treatments that allow us to come back to full health. There are many drugs that can help us prevent or treat diseases. Many doctors would advise us that we should prioritize and trust the natural ability of our body to heal itself. We should be honest with the fact that the multi-billion pharmaceutical industry is betting that we will get sick. When doctors prescribe a drug for us a pharmaceutical company will make money. In fact, if doctors continuously prescribe a medication from specific brands, they will obtain kick-backs. This is a common practice in the industry, based on the obvious supply and demand.

However, it also means that consumers will need to dig a bit deeper into their pocket. We could also find celebrities promoting various medications. Some of the commercials even bypass the normal medical professions that place the drug. It is generally inappropriate for the media to promote prescribed drugs; because they shouldn’t be obtained without prescription. It means that only doctors should know about the existence of the medication. Considering these facts, we should consider possible bad effects of drugs for us. Many drugs are created from organic sources, but they could undergo certain chemical manipulation. Here are things that could help us reduce our dependence:

  1. Educate ourselves: Drugs are originally meant to improve our wellness, but it is possible that we will also obtain some bad effects. When we need to get drugs, we should learn about its possible side effects and consider things that can provide alternative solutions to our health problems.
  2. Consider complimentary medicine: Before taking prescribed drugs, we should take a long look at ourselves, We should know why the illness developed in our body. We should think about the whole picture. By changing our lifestyle, diet and posture; it is possible that we will get much better results. In many cases, significant changes to our lifestyle could bring a lot of differences. As an example, we could try to be fully active and abandon our sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Practice prevention methods to cure our illness: In many cases, prevention methods that are used by healthy individuals can help to treat the illness and reduce dependence on prescribed medication. As an example, people who have high cholesterol level could perform typical prevention methods, such as consuming more high-fiber fruits and vegetables. This prevention method is used by healthy individual to maintain ideal cholesterol level, but can be adopted by people who already have high cholesterol levels.
  4. Perform routine checkups: This should be an easy thing to do. If we want to have quality routine checkups; we should create good relationship with our doctors. It is important for us to keep our lines of communication fully open.

Living a healthy life is about being kind to ourselves. We should take a few quite moments and try to do better things for our body, without being depended on chemicals, including prescribed medication.

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