Google is challenging Facebook’s dominance by introducing a new social media website called Google+. This brand new project aims to make online sharing more like real life by turning all search engines into one giant social network. It has 343 million active users according to the statistics of October 2014. On the other hand, market leader Facebook, having rapidly attracted millions of users within a short period of time, now has more than 1 billion monthly active users. The question now is whether Google+ can dominate or replace Facebook in the future.

We have tried to answer this question for the readers.

  • Google+ is an open web as it allows users to share their posts as public or private to specific circles. Many high-profile users of Google+ like sports celebrities, artists, writers or film stars have made their posts public. . Millions of searches on Google lead the visitors right to Google+. The sheer vastness of Google is a strong point in favor of its social network child. In contrast, Facebook is a closed system with very few public areas open for viewing to unregistered users.
  • Google+ allows users to share their posts with as many people as they want through “circles”; which also ensures custom privacy for each of the posts. On the other hand, Facebook’s way of limiting the viewing of posts – “Lists” – is still very confusing to the average user. The higher popularity of Facebook also means increased hacker interest and susceptibility of profiles to abuse.
  • Google+ is part of an ecosystem backed by one of the world’s most relevant tech giants today. It groups the best elements of Facebook, Twitter, a blog, forum or a video chat application into a single extremely intuitive application or website. This backing by Google gives it a considerable advantage over all other social media networks.
  • Google+ does not contain any annoying and distracting advertisements whereas Facebook’s pages contain columns full of them.. Providing a clean and speedy interface is a major advantage in itself for Google’s social network.
  • The entire Google+ team is efficiently engaged with its customers and their own top-tier management, product managers and technical lead staff. It seems passionately determined to incorporate users’ feedback into improving the Google+ experience, which is vital for any venture’s success.
  • Hangout is possibly the most comprehensive application incorporated into Google+. The multiple options to communicate offered by this nifty add-on is unparalleled by Facebook or any other service for that matter.
  • Immense user interest in Facebook has paved the way for developers and marketing campaigners to come up with fake fans. The option to Buy FB Fans, which gives your Facebook page a lot of alien traffic, is all the rage these days. However, bought fans don’t engage in active participation on your page regularly.

Even though Google+ is in second place for now but it holds the potential to beat Facebook as the most popular social media network in the near future. Once Google+ introduces some new features like API access, third party applications and better integration of the interface, the Google child will be propelled to number one spot and become a force to be reckoned with.