The first word that comes to mind when we think about traveling to Hong Kong is ‘Shopping’. There is in fact a lot more to Hong Kong than shopping and the country is actually another great place that kids could fall in love with.
Besides the great places you could take your kids to, most parents also have other concerns such as is it convenient to bring a stroller, how about public transport and where best should they stay? Strollers and public transport in Hong Kong is a given and there is absolutely nothing to fret about in this aspect. Other than that, let’s take a look at the other top 2 questions most parents would ask when taking their kids on a trip.

Where Should I Take My Kids

Hong Kong offers an immense array of places and things to do that both parents and kids would love. The very first entertainment complex not to be missed is Hong Kong’s famous Disneyland Theme Park. The park is located on Lantau island but could easily be accessed by MTR (express rail link); in other words, one of those sky train or subways that allows easy transportation between districts.

Besides Disneyland, the other notable Theme Park is Ocean Park which is located in Aberdeen (southern part of Hong Kong Island). Here you would find real pandas which kids would simply love! Not to mention the cable cars that run from one island to another just waiting for your family to hop into one of the compartments.
Other than theme parks, your kids might love a ride on old-fashion tram cars. Hong Kong apparently still has tram cars that are active; which is a rarity these days. The tram cars could be found all the way along Central and Causeway Bay area.
And you wouldn’t want to miss a ride on Star Ferry. It’s cheap and kids would enjoy the wind blowing in their faces and the beautiful sights from the top deck. The boat journeys from Central to Kowloon or Wan Chai to Kowloon regularly and cost no more than $1.40 HKD.

Which Kids-Friendly Hotels Are There to Choose From

Hotels are essentially places for accommodation while you’re on your trip away from home. But, there are hotels that are better equipped for families, those that the business travelers prefer and those that honeymooners would find more appealing. Family-friendly hotels with bigger rooms that leaves space for moving around easily even after adding the extra bed(s), has children programs and cartoons on TV, and a swimming pool (which goes without saying). Then there are hotels that take it a step further to offer cribs, strollers for rent, children day camp and an extensive play area.
Here are some hotels that cater well to family travelers that kids would simply love: Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong and Holiday Inn Hong Kong Golden Mile.
Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road is one hotel that treats young kids just like any other guest and kids get as much service and attention as everyone else. Each child gets a special welcome gift after checking in and there are entertainments such as xbox games and a children area with a multitude of toys and games available.

The Hyatt Regency hotel on the other hand offers both outdoor and indoor activity area for kids. In addition, the hotel offers a Camp Hyatt Program that parents could enroll their children to for some parent’s time while the kids enjoy with other kids doing fun activities at the hotel’s camp program.
Finally, take heed of your travel dates as the weather in Hong Kong can be rather unpredictable and prone to typhoons. During winter, Hong Kong can get rather cold. Add the wind to the lower temperature and slight drizzling, it can upset your outdoor plans so be prepared to change plans and opt for indoor activities as well. And when it comes to Hong Kong, there is no lack of it. Just pick one of the many shopping malls for some family shopping and dining!

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