Well, in social media, there is so many wrong information spread like an air about cysts. And, these myths can misguide the individuals which makes them take certain steps and consult a dermatologist. If you have any doubt regarding cyst, then you should pay your valuable time in reading this article.

In this article, I am going to describe every possible thing about cyst and cyst removal. You may know basic things about the cyst but improper and misleading information is dangerous, so know more about cyst and if you have it then get yourself treated. After all, it’s matter of your skin so don’t take it casually. Focus on the facts… 

Do You Want To Know More About Cysts? - Read This Guide


A cyst is a closed packet of tissue that can contain pus, fluid or other material. These non-cancerous growths may occur in an individual at any age. They may grow anywhere on the body but common causes of cysts include inflammation, clogged oil glands or infection. Mostly, it will develop slowly.

Unless irritated, this type of growth is not likely to cause pain. Patients may choose to have their cyst removed to prevent infection of the growth. An infected cyst may rupture and leave an open wound on the skin which requires perfect medical treatment. Comfort may also be a factor if a cyst is located in an area where it is touched often.

Finally, cyst removal procedure may be scheduled for cosmetic reasons. They don’t go away on their own, even though they may get smaller or bigger. They often occur due to an ingrown hair or acne lesion but may also begin spontaneously from oil and skin build-up at a hair follicle or pore.

Types of Cysts

  • Pilar cysts: These type of cysts appear on person’s scalp. Also, most of the people notice knots under their hair. If you find them then seek for removal procedure. Otherwise, they will cause hair loss on that portion where the knot has been occurred. They may also get ruptured which is a painful and messy experience.
  • Sebaceous cysts: These type of cysts return repeatedly after anyone squeezes them. They generate when skin turns inward and create a sack. You can simply take it as a balloon; after a pocket forms, it fills with dead skin cells that are trying to escape. The body try pushing the cells to the outer layer of the skin but they are stuck in that pocket.

If it burst under the skin then the area becomes inflamed and red. Although, it is not an infection. It is the reaction of the body to fight the cyst and expel the cells that don’t belong there. Be attentive while choosing a dermatologist because any part of the sack is left then the cyst will be returned.

Why does a Cyst require Removal Procedure?

Ideally, you should remove them before it ruptures. When it ruptures, the skin cells in the balloon disperse and break up in the area under the skin. This will cause a lot of pain and inflammation that tends to last a long time because the body has to break down and carry away skin cells that don’t belong under the skin.

This cycle is not only painful but it also creates scarring in the area. On another side, if the cyst is not ruptured then it is relatively easy to remove them which allows the wound to heal quickly so that you can avoid the problems.

Closing lines: Got my point? You should not avoid cysts or if you found any symptoms; you should consult a dermatologist and seek for the treatment. Hope, this guide will help you. Get well soon!…