As the public area for receiving guest and family activity, powerful storage solution of living room is the first step to create good impression. Here is collection of 12 storage ideas for living room. They can help home owner keep the living room neat and organized.

Idea 1

The furniture in living room that plays the main storage function has two- TV cabinet and bookcase. Floor to ceiling combination cabinet is the best storage way for living room. Glass cabinet door not only have decoration effect, but also can improve the design of living room.

Idea 2

Good wall storage ideas can save much floor space for home owner and bring visually aesthetic perception. The colorful and active wall storage cabinet storesall the items in living room neatly. It matches well with the throw pillows and floor decoration.

Idea 3

The wall cabinet in the picture has the feature of concise look, simple collocation, and strongstorage. It shows the personality of home owner. The lattices in different size allows home owner to store different collections to achievespecial decoration effect.

12 Storage Ideas For Living Room

Idea 4

The sofa background wall in the living room is designed into floor to ceiling storage cabinet. The wall cabinet increases the storage function of living room and decrease the messy feeling of living room. Different kind of decors and books can be stored in it. It store and exhibit books and home furnishings perfectly.

Idea 5

The living room in the picture combines TV cabinet and bookcase together to expand its storage space. It not only can store all the daily supplies, but also avoid messy feeling in living room. Home owner can use this storage idea to easily create concise and organized space.

Idea 6

The blue wine cabinet at the corner of living room exhibit the beautifultableware and wine of home owner. Small things also can be contained in it.

Idea 7

Chest of drawers isanother good selection for living room storage. The diversified internal fitting combination satisfies multiple storage needs and can store all the odds and ends in our daily life. It save space maximallyand solve the storage problem in living room.

Idea 8

Side cabinet and TV cabinet store all the daily used items like books, CD, remote controller, small accessories in living room. This makes the living room neat and organized. People cannot find any messy trace in the living room.

Idea 9

The multifunctional sofabed not only can create unique home decoration, but also can make the living room neat and organized. The three large drawers under the sofa bed can store all the daily necessities in it. They are the key to make the living room neat. Beside the sofa bed, the wall shelves also help to expand the storage space in living room.

Idea 10

Home owner turn the bay window into sofa and use the space under it to expand storagespace. As one of the must-have furniture in living room, sofa with storage function saves space for home owner maximally. Throw pillows, slipcover, off-season clothes and bedding – all these items can be stored in it.

Idea 11

Not only end table can be placed in the middle of sofa set. Home owner also can use antique wooden case to replace end table. Except special decoration effect it brings, large storage capacity is another merit of it. The surface of wooden case is flat and capacious.Tea pot and tea cup can beplaced on it freely. The internal of wooden case can containlarge amount of odds and ends invisibly.

Idea 12

People should make full use of end table to expand the storage spacein living room. The main function of end table is used to place tea and daily items. End table with drawer can store magazine and odds and ends in it.

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