A beautiful house looks complete only when it has a well-maintained, beautiful garden. But then, what good is such a garden, if you cannot really enjoy its beauty to the fullest. All the greenery and the fragrance of those vibrant flowers and chirping birds can be enjoyed to the fullest only if you can grab a cup of tea or coffee, and lose yourself in Mother Nature’s beauty. That is why we have brought you this concise yet comprehensive guide, to help you take it outside. Here, you will get a good amount of information about how to style your outdoor décor. That’s because, with good garden furniture and appropriate décor, your little garden has the full potential to beat your living room. Here are eight hot trends in outdoor home furnishing, which will keep your garden up to date.

 Take It Outside – 8 Hot Trends In Home Furnishing To Give Your Outdoor Furniture A Stylish Makeover

Take It Outside – 8 Hot Trends In Home Furnishing To Give Your Outdoor Furniture A Stylish Makeover

Bling it up

Keep it seamless

Make it your gossip centre

Pattern play

Keep it earthy

Go bold

Back to nature

Marvelous Mosaic

1)   Bling it up

Of course, we are not suggesting you make your sober-and-simple garden furniture completely shiny and dazzling. Too much of everything is bad, we all know that. But when you incorporate just the right amount, it wouldn’t just break the monotony. In fact, it would enhance the overall look. That is why we say that incorporating just a bit of a shimmering platinum texture or a little vintage bronze in your garden furniture would give your garden a very urban contemporary look, provided you don’t go overboard with it.

2)   Keep it seamless

Think about walking from your outdoor space that you’ve enriched with all the trendy décor and garden furniture, into your living room; or the other way round. You may be the most trend-conscious person you know, but if the transition of your indoor space to your outdoor space is not seamless, it will look off-track. Seamlessness isn’t just trendy, but it also gives the décor of your house the symmetry that it needs, from a macro perspective. So don’t hesitate in bringing your rugs, upholstery, and decorative pieces out into your outdoor space, to complement your outdoor furniture. It will automatically pump up the style factor.

3)   Make it your gossip centre

When you are putting so much effort into making your outdoor space as good as your living room, it doesn’t make much sense if it isn’t as gossip-friendly as your living room is. Arrange the seating in a cosy, conversational setting, making it a place where you and your friends can sit together comfortably, and share all those fun stories and gossip. After all, making it trendy and stylish is useful only when it is also practical.

4)   Pattern play

Often we see that regular outdoor furniture is often very sober looking, and it doesn’t stand out in your outdoor space, although it should because it actually happens to be the centrepiece of your outdoor décor. Hence, even if you find that sofa rather boring, you can easily pep it up using some colourful cushions with intricate patterns. This is the easiest way to give your outdoor furniture the makeover that it needs, and you will never get bored as this can be changed whenever you like.

5)   Keep it earthy

Here, we are speaking primarily about the textures. While choosing upholstery for your modern furniture, try to stick to natural, earthy colours and textures. For example, almost all hues of brown look good on the upholstery you choose to complement your garden furniture. Spice that up with jute and faux jute like textures and you’re good to go.

6)   Go bold

Want to experiment with your outdoor furniture in a way that will never fail to attract complements? Here is an idea. When you pick the furniture for your outdoor space, go for unusual colours, like hues of blue, which complement the natural brown shades seen in your outdoor space beautifully. Mix these colours up, and visitors will never be able to take their eyes off your outdoor space.

7)   Back to nature

The best choice for your outdoor space is undoubtedly cane or teak furniture, because while trying to create a space which blends effortlessly with the background of your garden greenery – teak or cane furniture helps in keeping a slight rustic element present, despite you incorporating modern outdoor furniture in your outdoor space.

8)   Marvelous Mosaic

When you mix up colourful mosaic with the earthy textures and colours of your outdoor space, you give it an element of vibrancy without making it look over the top. How do you do that? Just add a mosaic centre table with your regular teak furniture. The combination looks marvellous.

Use these ideas, but don’t forget to add your unique, personal touch to the overall décor. After all, your outdoor space shouldn’t just look pretty. It should look like it’s yours.