1. Interior Design

Spring Renovations That Can Completely Transform Your Home

Spring is the time for new beginnings. For many, that means shopping for a new house or undertaking home improvement projects. As the weather starts warming up, it is the perfect time to start taking a closer look at your property, looking for ways that you could renovate it to make it more practical to live in and to add to its value. When thinking about home improvement projects, it is important to not just think about how they will affect you while you live in the home but also about the impact that they will have when it comes time to sell at some point in the future.

Below are some ideas for renovations that you can do that don’t cost a fortune. In most cases, these projects add enough value to your home that you can get back at least a portion of the money that you put into them when you eventually decide to sell.

A Detached Garden Room

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners – with good reason. These detached rooms can be used for a variety of different purposes. Some people use them as home offices, while others use them for creative pursuits such as art or music. They can also be used as a place to work out or meditate. If you want to get especially ambitious, you can even add plumbing to the room, turning it into a private guest room for visitors.

A Conservatory

Conservatories are similar in design to garden rooms. The primary difference is that they are attached to your house rather than being a separate building in your yard or garden. Conservatories are a relatively inexpensive way to add more living area to your home. Just make sure to size them appropriately for your space so that they don’t wind up taking up your entire yard. Additionally, think about how the sun will affect the temperature in the room. Depending on which way it faces, you may need to install heating or cooling features.

Bathroom Renovations

“Whether you decide to remodel your existing bathroom or add a new bathroom, most bathroom renovations have the added benefit of increasing the resale value of your home,” says a bathroom installation experts at Stone and Chrome. For instance, Nationwide found that adding an additional bathroom to a home could boost its value by as much as 5%.

Kitchen Renovations

Although renovating a kitchen can be quite costly, making updates to your kitchen may help increase the value of your home. You don’t have to go overboard, replacing the entire kitchen. Instead, you can give it a facelift by making minor changes. For instance, simple projects like installing new doors on your cupboards or adding a kitchen island can completely transform your space, making it more attractive and more functional.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor renovations can also make a dramatic improvement in your overall living situation. Start by getting any overgrown landscaping under control. Then, look at ways that you can make your outdoor space more usable. Adding a deck, creating a hidden reading nook, building a pergola, or adding trees and shrubs may help transform your space from a boring garden to a relaxing getaway where you love to spend time.

Exterior Renovations

It is every bit as important to take care of the outside of your home as it is to take care of the inside. Over time, the weather can do a real number on your house, leaving it looking worn, tired, and dated. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing your windows, or trimming back landscaping that has gotten out of control. Check your front porch to make sure that it looks inviting. You may even want to think about installing a brand-new front door. Oftentimes, minor changes can have a major impact when it comes to the appearance of your home.

Home Additions

If your house is too small for your needs, you may want to consider adding an extra room or expanding your space in some other way. Increasing the square footage of your home can help boost its value while at the same time making it more comfortable to live in.

Small Ways to Update Your Space

You don’t have to go overboard with major renovations. Oftentimes, small changes can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space. For instance, putting in new light fixtures can instantly update your rooms. Adding extra cabinets for storage can also be beneficial, helping you to de-clutter your space. This, in turn, can make your home look and feel bigger.

Hopefully, these ideas for spring home renovations have given you the inspiration you need to get started on your next home improvement project.