Internet and related technologies have opened a gate of opportunities for businesses and individuals. There are plenty of options to step up in the digital world and make a living out of it. But, then that is not the only purpose. Sometime, companies create mission critical or other business apps to facilitate the routine process, many apps are centered around delivering information only, etc.

2 Questions To Ask Before Diving In The Digital Pool

The purpose of your app might differ and your expectations might vary too. However, there are a few common things that you should take care of before diving in the digital pool. Here, we bring two critical questions that should be answered before moving on to the initiative.

1. How Do You and the User Benefit?

The digital initiative equation irrespective of the purpose will always have a “you” and a “user.” You are developing an app or a website for a purpose and user will download or access it for a purpose. The key is to make these ends meet. For example, you are developing an informative app on what to do during an earthquake. The purpose is to just give information to users who are living in an earthquake prone zone.

The users who will download the app are likely to have the same purpose of receiving the information only. So, you benefit by spreading the information and user benefits by receiving the information. This understanding will help you in carving out the right development, deployment, and marketing strategy.

2. What Is the Best Medium to Meet the Need?

It is not important to always choose the most cutting-edge technology to meet the need. There is always the best and the second-best option for you depending on what you are actually wanting to achieve. For example, if your intent is to spread awareness about earthquake, there are variety of mediums like website, mailers, etc. that can be opted for in comparison to building an app. An app might prove to be costly affair.

Similarly, if your intent is to invest and get returns from an app, then you might have to ponder on making choices like native or hybrid apps and other important things. The point is to have the purpose in mind and then decide the medium rather than having the medium in mind and then deciding the purpose. Most of the time, it is, “I want to build an app that . . . “rather than “I want to spread awareness about earthquake via . . . “

It is true that digital technology has presented us with multiple options and it is also true that the more advanced the technology, the more complex it gets. If you can achieve a simple thing by focusing on few key points, then why delve into something that is complicated and tedious. If you start your digital initiative by focusing on these key questions, you are sure to have a good start with focus on what you actually want and the way you would like to take to achieve it.

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