How would a cup of coffee helpin weight loss? Though it’s a tough question but a cup of Butter Coffee can be an answer to this. You can actually flaunt your waist with a cup of Butter Coffee. This is not any normal coffee rather it’s a combination of three incredible ingredients namely grass-fed butter, MCT oil and coffee. It is beneficial to have it in the morning hours as it is considered to be the best time to consume.

5 Ways To Optimize Butter Coffee For Weight Loss

Grass-fed butter is far more nutritious than grain-fed butter as cows can easily process grass than grains.So, this way the human body gets to absorb all the essential nutrients from the grass in the most bio-available form. Body feels great when it gets high quality fats and these generated fats helps in weight loss.These are the kind of fuels that body actually demands for better functioning. A cup of Butter Coffee in the morning won’t let you feel hungry till afternoon. If you are tied up with your hectic schedule then you can even buy coffee online in Australia.

Nowadays, most of the people are shifting towards low-fat diet as they are conscious with their weight gain and health. Surprisingly, it has been seen that despite of every effort, people grows sick and fatter. Reason could be that the kind of food they eat is less nutritious or might not be suggested for them at all. Body requires good fat that can fuel the brain, regulate hormones and improves metabolism. On an instance, Butter Coffee proves to be an optimised beverage that keeps the fat away from body and results to weight loss.

Here we have discussed briefly about how Butter Coffee can help you to lose weight:

  1. The best method to burn fat from body is by replacing breakfast with a cup of Butter Coffee. It helps to suppress the appetite and won’t let you feel hungry for hours. Still if in case you feel hungry then try adding protein powder to your Butter Coffee. It is suggested not to have meals which are high in carbohydrates in conjunction with Butter Coffee. This could counteract its effect in terms of weight loss. Xylitol and Cinnamon is a natural sugar-free sweetener that can be used with coffee to curb your sugar cravings.
  2. According to studies, MCT oil is simply those isolated medium chain fats that are effective in weight loss and the reversal of neurological disorders. MCT oil is converted into ketones which are helpful in burning fat from body in the absence of glucose. The quantity of its intake should be balanced as it can upset the stomach due to its concentrated nature.
  3. It is essential to remember that Butter Coffee cannot show results while it is consumed with high carbohydrate meals, junk foods or sugar-rich foods. It should be more of vegetables, sea food, fruits and starchy vegetables, pasture raised eggs, nuts, seeds and fats from healthy sourceslike coconut, avocado and olives. This way body will get the fuel they require.
  4. Coffee helps to gain muscle if consumed before exercising and helps in weight loss if consumed after exercising. It boosts and accelerates the body before exercising and burns the fat and breaks down the fat stores for energy after exercising.
  5. Butter Coffee can curb the afternoon sugar cravings. Since it is the source of good fat so it leaves body satiated. This facilitates in weight loss by breaking your sugar addiction.

Summary: Butter Coffee facilitates in weight loss by putting an end to your sugar cravings. How it benefits the bodily functions should be taken care of. It is an optimized beverage which if taken properly can lead to good results.

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