For millennia, people have used essential oils to supper the performance and performance and health of warriors and athletes. As an example, aromatherapy message can be used during workout and competition. We should be able to speed up recovery, improve performance reduce the chance of injuries. Many lotions and ointments for sore muscles can be gathered from essential oil extracts. Ancient literature has described how essential oils can heal acute and chronic injuries due to intense physical activities.

Essential oils are able to warm up our muscles before we begin the physical extortion and lactic acid can be removed to speed up recovery after a hard physical effort. We could use massage formulas with essential oils. As an example, eucalyptus is useful for opening airways, circulation and invigoration. Lavender is known for bringing mental calm, relaxing spasms, relieving pain and providing anti-inflammatory effects.

Rosemary should allow us to get the warming effects on our muscles. Our mind and body will be stimulated and pain will subside more easily. Juniper berry is often used during post-exercise activities. It eliminates lactic acid and our body will be detoxified from free radicals. Sweet marjoram could help to relieve cramping on our over-exerted muscles.

Blending massage formula should be quite easy. For every 20 drops of essential oil, we will need an ounce of carrier oils, such as hazelnut, grapeseed or sweet almond oils. In general, if we want more stimulating effects, it is important to add more essential oils into the formula. Pre-exercise formulas should loosen and warm muscles. They need to awaken the mind open the airways. A common mixture is five drops of Eucalyptus, five drops of lavender and ten drops of rosemary essential oils mixed with one ounce of carrier oil.

We can use peppermint to replace the lavender if we want to get extra stimulation. However, if we are quite vulnerable to anxiety before an intense activity, it is a good idea to use lavender instead. When messaging our body, we should use quick, light and invigorating strokes. For post-exercise massages we could choose to get deeper messages.

We could choose longer strokes toward the chest. This will help our body to remove lactic acids more easily. Aromatherapy oil should be used for pre- and post-exercise showers and baths. Oils should be added to the bathwater, so some of the invigorating vapour can be inhaled. Before we take shower, undiluted essential oils can be applied to our body. This will also encourage the elimination metabolic waste from our body.

Some oils are known for the effective anti-inflammatory action. This will encourage our body to regenerate our tissues. We should still get the stress-relieving aromatherapy effects, while the entire healing process can be enhanced. If we have strains and bruises, it is a good idea to choose Helichrysum essential oils. It is a wise to keep small bottles of essential oil mixtures designed for specific purposes. We will be able to avoid swelling and other uncomfortable symptoms due to intense physical activities.

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