The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak has clearly flipped our normal lives upside down. To flatten the curve, there is a large number of people working from home, while many are not working at all.


Whether you are working from the comfort of your home or not, one thing that you need to remember is that it is not a good idea to stop marketing your business during this time. If you don’t market your brand now, will your target audience remember your brand when their lives get back to normal? Absolutely not! This may sound a little harsh but your competitor will take your spot.


The coronavirus outbreak has, without a doubt, affected all aspects of our lives, including how brands market their business online. Even the businesses that don’t have a health-related niche are trying their best to incorporate the pandemic into their content and messaging. Yet there are some brands out there trying to figure out how to stay relevant during such an unprecedented time. Staying connected has undoubtedly become now more crucial than ever, with different businesses and people using social media and Centurylink bundles to consume the news, buy essential items, stay connected with friends, and keep themselves entertained.


It is no exaggeration that these times are quite challenging and unbearable. When times are hard, many brands often struggle with what to post, especially on social media. Would you just stick with your old ways of messaging and pretend nothing happened and it is still the same business as usual? (Hint: no). So what steps do you need to take to market your brand on social media in the unprecedented time of COVID-19? Read on to find the best practices, tips for what kind of content you should be posting during this time.


Try to Listen and Acknowledge


Ignoring the outbreak of COVID-19 or pretending like everything is completely fine will not be in favor of your brand. It will certainly destroy your brand’s reputation. During this time, it is crucial to let your followers know that you are listening and acknowledge the new normal.


Even a simple way to get your advice about coronavirus across can go a long way for your business. This is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to show your audience that you really care about them.


It is easy to humanize your brand by promoting your products and services by simply acknowledging the current crisis and try to explain to your audience know you are promoting your services/products for a reason. Let them know you are responsible for your employees; hence, you will do everything in your power to help them keep their jobs.


Don’t Forget to Post Regularly


There is no denying the fact that your audience is spending more time online than ever before, and you definitely have no choice but to stay connected to them!


In fact, 40% rise in usage of Facebook and Instagram has been observed during the novel COVID-19. But just because people are using social media more than ever doesn’t mean it’s business-as-usual. If you cannot manage to market or sell your products or services due to the ongoing situation, what you can do is focus on sharing content that greatly aligns with your brand values.


Try incorporating captions that your audience can relate to in these times of uncertainty. Make sure that you post on a regular basis so that your audience does not forget your brand.


Focus More on Improving Your Brand Visibility than Conversions


Let’s be realistic- We’re living in times where the entire world’s economy is collapsing and we are about to face a global recession. Many employees have already lost their jobs, hence, consumers are focusing more on limiting their spending to the very essentials. So, it would be quite unfair to expect your online marketing to boost sales during this time.


However, now is the perfect time to increase your online following, and put out content that your audience would like to read. For example, you can share effective ways to boost productivity while working from home. Also, share light-hearted content like memes and quotes that keep your audience look forward to your content.


Better to be Serious than to be Sorry


Many brands usually prefer to keep a conversational tone while addressing their audience, now is the time to steer clear of using wit or humor to accomplish your business goals. Bear in mind, at times, being overly casual can be quite unattractive.


Chances are, your content is not perfectly aligned with your brand personality, but it’s far better to focus on being too serious than to be more sorry. It is recommended to keep an inspirational, positive, and helpful tone.


Ending Note


If you have been wondering how your businesses are going to sustain itself during this time? Then know that it is certainly a tough time and together we can make a difference.


There are different steps that you can take to market your brand during the pandemic. The aforementioned tips will help you adopt a strategy that strikes the right tone for your brand and audience. Just make sure that you go through each step to come out of this situation with a custom social media strategy that fits your situation.

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