We live in a world where how we look is one of the most important aspects of our life. As we age, it seems this matters even more but especially to women. Many of us even thought those years of dealing with acne and blemishes were bad enough.So, several questions then come to mind such as; What are the signs of aging, why does it happen and how can we prevent it from happening?

5 Amazing Benefits Of Red Wine For Anti-Aging

Signs of Aging

No matter what, all of us, both men and women will experience some form of aging. Aging can range from aches and pains in the body to severe face wrinkles. Additional signs of aging can be brittle hair, brittle nails, skin tone due to lack of collagen production, diabetes, Alzheimers and a host of other problems that occur internally that we won’t even get into at this point!

So, What Happens and Why Do We Age?

Our skin ages due to a lack of elasticity which causes the wrinkles and thus your frustration and concern. As we age, our bodies change and so do the chemicals it depends on such as hormones and collagen. Both of these are essential for smooth and elasticity in the skin.

Additionally, our bodily organs change causing problems such as memory loss (possibly Alzheimers or dementia), diabetes, heart disease and many others. Some of the causes can be from chemical changes, environmental exposures, alcohol use (or overuse), poor diet and smoking.

So, now we know the problems and some of the causes, how can we fix it?

Tasty Solution!

For those of you who love their daily glass of wine, especially with a meal there is outstanding news! In recent years, studies have been done on a variety of wines to determine if they are or are not right for you. Of course, given enough time, someone will come up with something negative about everything! The key is to do your homework and see for yourself.

One such item in the debate of scrutiny has been red wines and its potent antioxidant ingredient of resveratrol. Years ago, there were those who felt that any amount of wine was just as bad for you as any other alcohol. Thanks to researchers who apparently enjoyed their nightly glass of merlot (not really, just sounds right) we know this not to be the case.

Take a look at these positive sides of red wine and its amazing ingredient, resveratrol:

1. It’s packed with this amazing antioxidant which swallows up the free radicals that cause aging, premature aging and many age-related diseases. Resveratrol reduces your chances of developing dreaded diseases such as Alzheimers, cancer, and diabetes due to its antioxidant properties.

2. Less stress. It seems that most people that drink wine with their meals are less stressed, and less stress means less aging.

3. Red wine reduces your blood pressure symptoms and is, therefore, good for your heart.

4. And, finally….a nice glass of red wine with the one you love can lift your spirits and let you sit back a take a look at the life you love!


Enjoy your glass of red wine, but as with everything, modesty rules. The best rule for red wine is one glass (5 oz.) per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men. It is calming, delicious and supports not only your immune system but will keep you from aging more rapidly in this busy, polluted society we live in.

So, raise your glass to your loved one and know that you are on the road to better health.

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