The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Sometimes tourists can make easy targets for thieves. Better to store all your important documents in your social media account.

There are photocopies of papers at home. Do not ever hurt to have copies of the papers, it may happen that your originals are stolen or you lose them yourself. In such cases, you’ll be glad you had the inspiration to scan them or even make a copy of them. You can make photocopies and insurance policies, vouchers, tickets, bank cards and all kinds of documents you need for your trip or holiday.

For Car Troubles

Car trouble is one of the most common problems for any traveler,   during the holidays. You need to check the weather condition time to time, but it can also be dangerous, in some situations your car tire will blow while driving on a highway at maximum speed. Also, you need to check the car condition before going to tour, keep extra tires. Very helpful on long journeys.

Check  the Weather

 It may seem like a fad, but weather can ruin your vacation! Weather phenomena such as the appearance of a typhoon or monsoon follow an annual pattern, occurring at an expected time, so you better inform yourself before leaving home.

Reviews Local Customs and Culture

Dress properly, so you will not attract attention from the start, be polite and do not lift your voice or make gestures that leave room for interpretation.

Do not keep your valuables in sight

 It’s a rule that is valid anywhere and anytime, but many of us forget about it, leaving us steal of the landscape simply. Wearing the goods and the documents at sight, you give them ideas to the petty thieves. Even the phone you call ‘the button’ (or the tablet) attracts attention. Be cautious in busy places and major tourist attractions and especially in the means of transport.

Review the Traffic Rules

You will say that this recommendation is valid also in the country, where you know the condition of the roads and the customs. But the most frequent causes of death of tourists abroad are traffic accidents. If you’re a simple passenger, do not forget to wear your seatbelt when traveling by car and even by taxi. Do not forget the helmet if you go with the scooter, motorcycle or bicycle. If you’re going to drive, then get in front of the speed limits and, why not, the road condition.

Keep your seatbelt as you fly! It is true that it is more comfortable without, especially if you are told in the cabin that you can give it up, but if unexpected turbulence occurs, you could be seriously injured.

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